One Fish at a Time by Remington Hiles

My grandfather and I had just woken up around five for a good day of fishing. We had packed everything the night before and had the boat already hooked up so that it would be ready to go. When the alarm went off, we hopped up out of bed, got dressed, and put our hats on. Before heading out of the house, we grabbed the drinks and lunches for the day at the lake.  After making sure we had everything we needed, we jumped in the car and drove an hour and a half down the road to Parker Hollow in Hardy County. While I tried to stay awake, I ended up sleeping for most of the bumpy ride.

Once we arrived at Parker Hollow, my grandfather and I unhooked the boat and put it in the water. While Pap parked the car, I held the boat against the bank until he came back to the dock. We stepped onto the boat and began to go through the motions of getting everything hooked up. While Pap began to work on getting all of his equipment together, I stood towards the back end of the boat, fishing. At some point, I turned around to see water quickly filling the bottom of the boat. That’s when I had yelled “Pap the boat is sinking!”, I quickly ran to the other side of the boat, rushing past my grandfather who was already standing up.

I ended up accidentally throwing Pap overboard during my escaper to the other side of the boat. Instead of getting out to check on him, I threw him the floating device and continued to fish. It turns out that Pap had forgotten to put plug the back of the boat so that water would not get in. While Pap set to work on plugging the hole, I was catching fish. That day I ended up catching two bass before he even got back into the boat! Once the hole was patched up, we ended up dumping out all of the water that had gotten into the boat. Whenever I think back on that fishing trip, all i can think is ‘What a fun day that was!’ When we went back home, I just had to tell everybody. Now, whenever  we have a campfire and we are telling stories, that is always the first thing that comes up!

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