My Cookie Eating Buddy by Remington Hiles

George was just a little boy who loved cookies, and his family always had cookies in the cookie jar. Sometimes he would sneak them, and other times his parents would allow him to have a few. But every night before bed he would have cookies and milk. His parents Jillian and Tyler would give him cookies so he would go to sleep and they wouldn’t have to hassle with him every night because he couldn’t sleep. It was like his sleeping pill.

Every night he would sneak a cookie to bed with him and give it to a giant turtle named Rex, who lived in the pond beside their house during the day, and under George’s bed at night. George would wait till he came out, give him the cookie, and then fall asleep. He would wake up and check under his bed everyday, but he would be gone. He tried to even stack stuff around his bed to keep him trapped, but it didn’t work. The stuff he stacked up would be untouched and he would remove them to look under his bed and he was gone. It was like magic.

Since George was three, he ate cookies before he went to bed, and I’m pretty sure that’s what triggered it. He started getting sick lately and he didn’t know what from. He went to the doctor and the doctor said “The cookies weren’t digesting and it’s causing him to have belly pains.” So they went home and his parents threw every cookie away so he couldn’t even sneak them. Days went by, the turtle was just as addicted as George was to cookies. He kept coming back night after night, and he didn’t have any cookies to give him. The turtle would get angrier and angrier every night. The kid would hear every night before bed “Where’s my cookies?” He would be scared and sleep on the couch.

The turtle came back every night and he would even hear “Where’s my cookies?” The kid would hide and cry himself to sleep because he was too scared to wake his parents up at night. A week had passed and it wouldn’t stop. The turtle had been going through withdraw and needed his cookies. So the turtle came back that night and said “Where’s my cookies?” and the kid hid again like he normally did. The giant turtle tore off the covers and ate the cookies from his stomach. They wouldn’t digest so he said “I’ll fix that problem.” He ate and ate till there were no cookies left. When his parents woke up all they found left was a blood stain on the couch.

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