False Advertisements by Marley Dowell

Evelyn was bald. She was a bald, adult woman. She never had a single hair on her head. Nobody ever knew why. She tried to grow hair, but nothing ever worked.

Her friend Maya felt bad for her. She knew that being bald didn’t bother Evelyn as much as time went on, but Maya still wanted to help. She knew that a company was coming out with a new product called “Hello Hair”. It helped bald people grow hair.

Maya wanted to buy the product for Evelyn so she looked up the website online. Coincidentally, “Hello Hair” was being put on the market later that week. The advertisement said, “100% guaranteed to work within 24 hours of taking it!”

That quote saddened Maya. When ads had a quote like that, the quote was almost never true. She didn’t want to buy her best friend something to get her hopes up and then let her down. So Maya exited out of the websites tab and went on with her day.

A few days later, Evelyn betrayed Maya. She flirted with Maya’s ex-boyfriend, Trey. When Maya found out, she felt so upset. She didn’t know how her best friend could do her so wrong.

After Maya found out what Evelyn had done, she didn’t tell anyone that she knew. She wanted to get revenge. She didn’t care if it was childish or the wrong thing to do. Her best friend backstabbed her, what else was she supposed to do?

So many ideas ran through her head, but none of them seemed to please Maya. She got on her laptop to look up some suggestions. When she logged on, her history popped up.

She noticed that the website for “Hello Hair” was at the top. Smiling evilly, Maya clicked the tab. “This is the best way to get revenge.”

The next day, Maya left the house early to get to the store. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Evelyn’s face when the promised hair is not there.

The store wasn’t too busy. People were taking their time checking out the things on the shelves. Maya made her way to the back of the store where the hair products were located. On the top shelf was “Hello Hair”. It looked nothing like it did on the website. The website made it look like a bright yellow box with happy faces all over it, but this product looked orange and like it had been sitting on the shelf for days untouched.

Maya grabbed it anyways. She happily carried it to the front of the store and paid for it.

About an hour after that, Maya and Evelyn were sitting in Evelyn’s bathroom. The bald girl was so excited.

“Let’s see here,” Maya said, turning the box around in her hands. “It says here, you rub the gel all over your head and wait an hour. Then, you wash it off and you’ll have hair by tomorrow!”

Maya opened the box and almost puked. It smelled of dog poop and mold. She threw the box into the sink.

“That’s disgusting,” she said, turning away from the sink. “That stinks so much.”

Evelyn agreed but picked the box up. “We have to do this.”

So, after putting clothes pins on her nose, Maya took the gel out of the box and squirted it on her hands. She rubbed it on Evelyn’s bald head and started to think about Evelyn flirting with her ex- boyfriend. It was really bothering her, so she spoke up.

“So,” she started, “I heard you were flirting with Trey.”

“Yeah,” Evelyn said, looking at Maya in the mirror. “So?”

“So that’s my ex!” Maya stepped away from her best friend and looked at her with disgust. “I wouldn’t do that to you!”

“Does it matter?” Evelyn threw her hands up. “That’s your ex, so he’s single, which means I can flirt with him.”

“No,” Maya snapped. “Not when that’s my ex.” She grabbed a towel and wiped her hands. “I’m leaving.”

She stormed out of the bathroom and left the house. She went home, made herself a cup of hot tea, and went to bed thinking about what had happened at Evelyn’s house.

The next day, Maya woke up stressed. She didn’t want to be mad at Evelyn anymore. So, she hopped in her car and rode to Evelyn’s house.

Maya never knocked on Evelyn’s door, and she wasn’t about to start. She walked into Evelyn’s house and saw a girl with her back to Maya. She had long brown hair and was eating cereal at the kitchen table.

“Excuse me,” Maya said. “Is Evelyn here?”

The girl turned around, and Maya gasped. “Evelyn?”

“Hi Maya,” Evelyn smirked. “Can I help you?”

“I.. um.. I love your hair!”

“Yeah, you know who else likes my hair?” Evelyn looked over at the couch. “Trey does.”

Maya looked to her left and there was Trey, sitting on the couch shirtless.

“’Sup Maya?”

Eyes filled with tears, Maya left the house. She stomped to her car and thought, “Stupid false advertisements.”

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