A Mother’s Love by Genesis Burch

I see myself in your eyes

I see myself in your eyes,

From the thin brown hair

To having the same glare.

Even in your worst moods

You still put me first.

I sometimes may be a snood,

But you’re there to tell me I’m being rude.

There is no mother,

Like mine who curses like no other,

Who is extra and pothers,

And yet still loves me like no other mother.

I know I disappoint sometimes,

And I am forever sorry for hurting you.

I’m doing my best

In improving who I am,

To be a better daughter.

Someone you can be proud of.

You never put yourself before me,

Always making sure I’m okay.

I thank God for giving me a mother

As great as mine

You push me to do my best,

And I can’t be the best without you,

Standing there beside me.

I hope to grow up to be like you,

A woman who is strong

And full of love to give

I am truly blessed

To be called your daughter

And to have you as my mentor

But most importantly as my Mom


I know I’m not the best daughter in the world. I know that I have attitude and will retaliate back when you yell, but to be fair, I do get it from you. Even though we argue, even though we don’t get along most of the time, this letter and story is to show my appreciation for you. I realize that I’m not the daughter I should be for you and dad, and honestly I am trying to be that daughter you are proud of. I don’t want to disappoint you guys more than I already have. I may not show it, especially when I give you attitude, but I wouldn’t want to have a different mom. I wouldn’t want to have a mom who doesn’t get on me for retaliating back to her or a mom who does not care for my wellbeing, a mom who doesn’t show me unconditional love. Thank you for being my mom more so than a friend, because you’re right, I need a mom rather than a friend, especially during this time. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me, for caring for me, for making me who I am. I am so grateful for God blessing me with a mom like you. I’m sorry for disappointing you and dad; I’m sorry for not being who you guys want me to be, for not making you proud. I want to make you proud. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Mama, I just want you to know, loving you is like food to my soul.

  • I love you Mama

Love Always,


A Mother’s Love

I felt my stomach rise into my throat as the ground rushed up to me. As soon as I hit the ground the tears started streaming down my face and my screaming started echoing throughout the trailer. I heard thudding of footsteps running though the trailer towards mine and my sister’s room.  Mom busted through the door and knelt down towards me. Lifting me up into her arms she gently rocks me back and forth while soothingly whispering in my ear,” It’s okay baby girl. It’s okay.”

The tears start to slow down, and that’s when I look up at her. She looks down at me with a smile and says, “Didn’t I tell you not to play on the top bunk? I told you, and you didn’t listen. That’s what you get, you booger.”

With snot still on my nose and a tear stained face, I laugh with her and rest my head on her shoulder, knowing that I was going to be okay because I was safe in her arms. It’s one of those moments I will not ever forget. Every little detail I will remember, but most importantly I remember how much love I felt from my mom. I like to think that all moms are caring and loving towards their children, but it’s sad to say that it’s not true. I’m one of the lucky ones who has a caring mom that loves me.

My mom is one of those women who knows when it is the right time to be a mother rather than a friend. She has good instincts, especially when it comes to knowing if I did something wrong.

About a year ago I got into huge trouble. I never saw so much disappointment from my mom before, and I felt like I failed her. In a way, I did. I failed at being the daughter she needs and deserves. Every time we would get into an argument about it, or she would lecture me, she always told me two things to remember, and these phrases I will never forget: “Know your self-worth,” and, “You need to remember to maintain a relationship with the Lord, and with the way you are going, that relationship will end soon.”

My mom and I don’t get along very well. We butt heads and every time we argue we each have to have the last word in the argument. It wasn’t always like that though. When I was younger I was attached to her hip every day, but as I got older we started to disagree more on certain things. I started to become closer to my dad. Even to this day my mom and I do not get along very well, but I’m trying to become the daughter she deserves. It may not seem like it with the way I retaliate back to her comments, but not once in my life have I said that I hated her or even felt that way. She and dad brought my sisters and me up that way, to respect your elders and your parents.

My mom is always upfront with me and everyone else. She calls it like she sees it, and I admire that about her, even if she tells me something I do not want to hear. After hearing her say those words over and over, it started to dawn on me how much I wanted to have her approval instead of having her being disappointed in me all the time. I wanted to make her proud, to be the daughter she deserved.

When she told me to remember my self-worth, I did not understand. I understood what it meant, but I did not understand why she was using that term towards me. I always pushed it to the back of my mind. As I started to try and be that daughter for her and my dad, I finally started to understand. I started to understand why she was being so strict and stern with me; she was being my mom instead of my friend. I wanted her to be my friend, and looking back, I am so happy that she knows when to be my mom instead of being my friend.

Not only does my mom know how to parent, but she also knows how to be my biggest supporter. She pushes me to do my best, pushes me to my full potential. She pushes me to be a better Christian, to become closer with the lord, and to remember to always make time for family. I appreciate her support so much. I would not be the person I am today without my mom. She inspires me to go above and beyond. I will always be grateful for Mama and will always love her.



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