Backbone by Josephine Mundorf

A constant

Always there

Supporting me while I support you

We are each other’s backbone


A sisterly kind

A kind that cannot be replaced

Separated by distance

But never in heart

Years spent together

Years spent apart

Your importance to be never fades

Even though we might not constantly talk

I keep you in my heart

I think of you when things are bad

The picture we took together hangs on my wall

It reminds me to be happy

Reminds me you would always make me smile

You are my best friend



Jojo. Can you ask Ariel if you can go to her house right after school? Your mom finally turned up at the house.

The text from the girl’s father came in as she sat in the library. It was lunch break and she stood with her best friend Ariel making bookmarks in the back room. The two of them would always help out the librarian after eating. Ariel noticed her friends face fall after looking at her phone. Setting down the paper she had just cut, Ariel walked up to Josephine,”Hey, you okay?”

“Mom showed up. Dad was wondering if I could go to your house after school instead of riding the bus home,” Josephine sat her phone down on the table.

“Yeah. Of course. Mom should be okay with it but I’ll call her to make sure,” Ariel walked to the door leading to the librarian’s desk, “Hey, Ms. Wilks. Can I use Jojo’s phone to call my mom real quick? It’s really important.”

After hearing the confirmation that she could Ariel dialed her mother on Josephine’s phone, “Mom, it’s Ariel. Jojo’s dad texted and asked if she could come over after school because her mom showed up at the house. She can? Thanks, love you.”

Josephine took her phone from the hand that held it out and texted her father saying that it was okay with Ariel’s mom.


“Hey Jo.” Rochelle greeted her as Josephine sat in the red car, “There’s sparkling apple cider and Doritos at the house for you two.”

“Thanks, Ma,” Josephine took to calling Rochelle Ma after practically living at their house the last three years.

The ride to the small house was short and Josephine was thankful that Rochelle didn’t press for more information. The two girls rushed out of the car as soon as it was parked. Both hoping to get to their favorite drink before Ariel’s brother Tre, who had been picked up from the high school on the way home. Four bottles of sparkling cider and two bags of Doritos greeted Ariel and Josephine. The two girls grabbed a bottle each and one of the bags. They had created a tradition that once a month Rochelle would buy a four pack of sparkling apple cider and the four people in the house would get a bottle each. Josephine’s dad, Judd, always laughed when he got excited remarks from Jojo once she would get home. Throwing their backpacks on the ground the two girls settle themselves on Ariel’s bed, “So! Did your dad text you anything else about what’s going on?”

“Well I asume Mom was drunk when she came home so Dad just probably didn’t want be to be home till she’s not drunk.”

“Sounds right. Wanna watch a movie to get your mind off of it?” Ariel stood up from the bed and walked to the door.

“Yeah, let’s watch that one movie with the space bunny!”

Josephine leaned back against the wall as Ariel got the movie ready. Ariel didn’t have to leave the room because the movie was still in her room from the weekend when Josephine came  over. It was halfway through the movie when Josephine got a text from her dad asking if she would be able to spend the night.

“Don’t worry Hun. Mom will say yes, I’m sure.”

Ariel’s mom asked her mom and without hesitation she spoke,” This house is always open to you.”

The warmth of blankets surrounded the two girls as they laid down on the bed, movie playing in front of them. This second home was a comfort to Josephine in hard times. The sound of Tre’s video games could be heard through the shared wall. Voices from the show Rochelle was watching slipped through the cracks of the door. Josephine calmed thanks to the pattern of her best friends breathing and fell asleep with a smile.

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