Issue 8: Microfiction

Please Note: While each of these stories have gone through multiple rounds of editing, these pieces were created and edited by amateur writers and may have some errors.

The Creative Writing classes have been working on writing microfiction pieces lately.  Microfiction are short stories that are less than or exactly 100 words in length. Below are a few microfiction works that were selected to be published. We would appreciate it if you would leave a positive comment and share the stories you enjoy!

*A note from the instructor: The authors of these pieces have branched into a variety of topics, some happy and some sad. Our work up to this point has focused largely on personal narrative, and so I feel it prudent to remind our audience that students will and are encouraged to write narratives in voices other than their own. Some of the narratives below feature sensitive topics.


The Tree’s New Limb by Emily Young

Amanda’s Escape by Grace Watson

Anyways by Marley Dowell

Jimmy the Christmas Pizza by Tyler Miller

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