Southern Californian Men Start Wearing Makeup and it’s Serious Business

Josephine Mundorf, Columnist in Los Angeles Times

Men in Southern California start wearing everyday makeup looks and people are okay with it. Entertainment is a big influential factor. Makeup is common for males in entertainment. Other places in the world, men wearing makeup has been on the rise for years. In South Korea male music artist and actors wear makeup regularly, on the job and off. With the music artists from that area going around the world, more areas are opened to makeup-wearing-men.

1.jpgMany of those artist come to preform at a popular convention in Los Angeles known as KCON. People from all over who come to see there favorite artists perform are opened to both genders wearing makeup.

“It was strange at first, knowing that the guys are actually wearing makeup,” Josh Binder, a man visiting KCON for the first time says, “there are other regular guys here with makeup on, like natural looking makeup. It looks kinda cool.”

Many men in other areas of America would baulk at the idea of wearing makeup regularly, but in Southern California it is becoming more mainstream.

“The same as most girls, I don’t feel completely comfortable without some sort of makeup covering my imperfections,” 26 year-old Liam Pancoe says, “It makes me feel more confident.”

Liam says that he follows a rigorous skin care regimen involving cleansers and moisturizers. Other men in this area have been doing the same to get an even toned complexion.

“I want to impress other people, girls or bosses, the only way to do that is with confidence and make up gives me that,” Liam tells his friends.

4.jpgAlthough, not everyone is okay with this step in the community. Multiple older people strongly disagree with younger men wearing makeup. Two of them spoke out.

“This is an abomination. Makeup is a purely female thing and it should stay that way. Men should never wear makeup,” a business man claims when asked about it.

“They are just gays influencing the men who should know what’s right, and that is to not wear makeup. It should stop this instant. I don’t know what they are all thinking. Makeup is for women.”

Men wearing makeup is rising in Southern California. Even though there are people who object, men are standing strong and confident in their makeup.

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