Norman’s Bunny/ Best Bud by Remington Hiles

Norman’s Bunny

There once was a cute bunny, Coco was he. He had a proud owner named Norman Hallie. Norman was blind and couldn’t see. Coco was a guard bunny. Coco and Norman lived in a town called Little Orleans. Then one day, Norman woke up and what did she see? Coco was gone and she couldn’t see. Norman looked and looked but it was a dream. When she woke up she could finally see, and Coco was hovering over her watching her bleed. She screamed and screamed but there was no one in scene. She died that day at age 83.


Best Bud

One time I had a buddy named Chris. We hung out by the river, skipped rocks, and drank Cokes. We even built a fire! Then we swam an afternoon away. After swimming, we spent the rest of the evening putting up the tent. The campground was right next to the train tracks. I was startled every time a train came by. Chris ended up stealing my sleeping bag, so I froze all night. When I woke up, I immediately started the fire. After I went for a walk. When I came back , he was gone. He was never seen again.

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