BoBo’s Scandal by Morgan Langenstein

To whom it may concern:

Our company, BoBo’s Locked Closet Door, is very sorry for the incorrect shipment of 200 boxes of premium accessories to Babies R Us. We received your complaint in the mail, and we are very sorry that our delivery men put our products in your teething section. Refunds for the premium accessories that were bought by your customers will not be necessary, as you did not wish to buy our product.

We, as a company, would like to thank you for the advertisement, as many new mothers are buying our products. Many DIY videos have been released on Facebook about our products becoming the best teething toys for babies. The mothers liked the products size because they are less of a choking hazard, and our company has really benefitted from this mishap.

Our website and company have never been so popular, and we have even raised enough money to open a second store. We also received a request to go on How It’s Made, because customers want to see handling and processing, and we have started a line of organic premium accessories.

We have made many improvements to our business since the incident, and feel we owe you some part of this, so if you would ever like to purchase any of our products your company shall get them half off. We wanted to write a letter of apology and also thank you for the promotion, hopefully you will eventually find our products fit for the aisles of Babies R Us. Make sure to check out our website at

Happy Shopping,


BoBo’s Locked Closet Door 😉

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