Grace Watson

To the Board of Education,

The community was left reeling when the arrest of Mr. Aaron Sorg, a counselor at Berkeley Springs High School, was made public this week. The administration at Berkeley Springs High School was left in the dark of his communist activities. Mr. Sorg’s disappearance was first brought to our attention by a student who wishes to remain Anonymous. His uncharacteristic disappearance caused the faculty at Berkeley Springs High School to go on a massive manhunt. However, this led to chaos because teachers who joined our search to find the missing counselor, left their students unattended.

We later found Mr. Sorg in his D-building office where he was conducting a communist-leaning activity involving four of our students. Deputy Barney arrested Mr. Sorg for disturbance of the peace. As he was read his rights, Mr. Sorg began to yell that he was, in fact, not a communist. The administration at BSHS did not agree with his assessment. Now, the administration, are left wondering how to deal with the bad coverage by the media. The parents are quite upset that the administration at Berkeley Springs High School didn’t make Mr.Sorg’s activities public knowledge and are threatening to take their kids out of public school.

This is absurd because Berkeley Springs High School was not made aware of Mr. Sorg’s communist activities until [Redacted] made the disappearance known to us. However, under recent scrutiny, we later suspended the student until the investigation of Mr.Sorg’s activities are over and BSHS is found to be blameless.

Even if Mr. Sorg is found guilty of communist activities, there have been talks with Mr. Sorg’s legal counsel who will be filing a defamation suit against the school for his public disgrace.


The Administration at Berkeley Springs High School

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