Ringling Brothers Scandal by Victoria Smith

To Whom it May Concern,

On March 21st, 2017 at 6:30 P.M. a young boy was knocked off of a Ferris Wheel by an escaped circus gorilla and is in the hospital facing possible paralysis.

The gorilla’s cage was discovered to be empty and torn apart by a worker named Joshua. He claims that he had no idea how Choco escaped his exhibit, and that he distinctly remembered locking up before he left for his lunch break.

Billy Davidson was discovered by a large group of civilians who witnessed him fall and land on the ground. His mother called the hospital, while his father informed the manager of the amusement park, who told the heads of the circus, the Ringling Brothers. He was injured and stated that he couldn’t feel his legs, but his breathing and his heart rate all seemed to be normal.

The ambulance didn’t get there until 6:50 PM. Billy was then loaded up and taken to the Hagerstown Hospital and treated by, Wendy M. Smith.

This led to an investigation to discover how Choco got out. Joshua, stated that he forgot to feed Choco his lunch, causing him to act aggressively. He ripped his cage into pieces and escaped the circus grounds. The bright lights of the carnival, along with the smell of cotton candy and kettle corn, caught Choco’ s attention. He headed for the carnival, and when he arrived, he saw young Billy at the top of the ferris wheel eating a banana sundae. Choco climbed up to get it. He was so hungry that without thinking Choco chucked Billy off the top of the Ferris Wheel. At 6:40 PM, animal control showed up and tranquilized Choco, brought him down, and locked him in an indestructible cage.

The Ringling Brothers decided that Choco seemed unhappy and too unstable to be in the circus, so they gave the EPA permission to take him to a gorilla reserve in Africa where he could be free and safe. Joshua was fired and charged with crimes of both animal cruelty and neglect. Nurse Wendy claimed that Billy’s paralysis is by no means permanent, and he will make a full recovery within two weeks, much to his parents relief.

We would like to personally apologize for what has happened here and assure you that it won’t happen again.


Victoria M. Smith

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