Free Samples by Tyler Yost

I woke up from my slumber on the comfortable bed in the cold room. I stretched my arms and let out a huge roar because stretching in the mornings is really nice. I slowly start to wake up and get out of bed. I walk out the door and get blasted with some cold air from the breeze outside, I saw a few people on the boardwalk running back and forth down the boardwalk. I thought to myself I should go out and see how the boardwalk is.

I go and tell my mother that I am going to take a walk on the boardwalk she replied saying, “Just don’t get kidnapped.” Then I grabbed my coat and walked out the door.

I walked out the door I was greeted with a blast of cold air. I started my walk down the boardwalk; all the stores were still closed, it was a weird sight to see. I walked, seeing all the restaurants that was across the boardwalk, all the possibilities that we can have for lunch is endless. I walked for about an hour down the boardwalk, seeing how cool it was to be up early and see the boardwalk before hundreds of people walk on the boardwalk. It was a nice sight to see, the emptiness of it was so calming, hearing the waves crash on the shore, the nice cool breeze blowing on my face. I decided I walked far enough and turned around, I could see more and more people passing. I was walking and saw some stores were opening up. As I walk past the stores, a few I saw had some cool things that I thought looked cool. Then, I thought to myself, “I’m just going to buy them and forget them a day later when I get home.” I got back to my apartment that we were staying in.

I opened the door and smelled freshly made pancakes.

I asked, “Who is making pancakes?”

My mom exclaimed, “None of them are for you though.”

I walked toward the kitchen and saw a huge plate just filled with pancakes. She said to wait till they are all done we are calling everyone to eat this breakfast, so I waited and waited until my mother brought me a plate with pancakes and syrup on it. I devoured the pancakes because they were so great. I’m going to fast forward a bit to about mid-day, I didn’t do anything but just talk to my family.

I was walking with my grandmother and my brother down the boardwalk just to do something besides sitting around when we can go out for a walk. I saw that it got a lot busier than it was this morning when I went out and walked along the boardwalk. I saw shops with the cool stuff that I saw this morning, I didn’t bring any of my money because I knew I would go out and buy something stupid. Then I saw a store that was handing out free samples, it was like an ice cream shop and they were giving samples of their new flavor. I don’t remember the flavor they were handing out, but all I saw was the word free and there was food. I walk up to the person who was giving the free samples.

He said, “Go ahead and take one.”

So my grandmother, brother, and I each took one with a small sample spoon to go with it. I slowly eat it and it tasted alright, I wanted another taste of it, but I looked down and it was all gone. I thought to myself, “hmm, well, I don’t know if I can go up and get another one.” I asked my grandmother if I can borrow $5, she asked why.

I replied with, “I need to buy something so I don’t look the same.”

She laughed and asked why again.

I exclaimed “I want another free sample.”

She laughed and said to give it a try. She handed me a $5 bill and I walked to the nearest store. I saw the glasses with a big nose and glasses gag and decided to purchase them for my devious plan.

I walk to the cash register person and said they asked “is that all?”

I replied with “Yes, sir.”

I walk out of the store and put the glasses on and go toward the ice cream shop to get another sample.

The sampler guy said, “Go ahead and take one, good sir.”

I was a little shocked; I thought this wouldn’t actually work. I paused for a moment, then grabbed the sample and a spoon to eat it with. I walk back to where my brother and grandmother were. They both laughed at me that I got another free sample, I wanted to know if I could get away with it again, so I decided to take the gag glasses I just bought and take the big nose and moustache out so it’s just the glasses. I walked back a third time, this time the free sampler looked a little questionable of me coming up to him a third time.

I walked up to him then he said, “No more free samples for you.”

I then turned around and started laughing, not because he said it in broken English, but he said it in a weird tone of voice like he was genuinely mad at me. I laugh the entire way and see my brother and grandmother laughing also. We then waked back to the place we were staying at and told my whole family about what happen, even to this day when we hear someone yell “Free samples” they are always like, “Hey, Tyler it your time to shine.” It didn’t affect my life in any way, really, but I just made a huge joke about myself, kind of like how I do now. If I had to learn anything in this experience it would have to be wear some better costumes or at least change my whole outfit and not just put on some glasses.

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