Remember by Alece Shaffer


I remember you

The way you smelled

The color of your skin

I remember your tender touch

Your unspoken voice

I remember the way you greeted us

But I also remember the dark in you

That formed slowly but surely

The way your happiness changed

Like the seasons, they left

Your smile dimming like the sun

I remember the last times

The last hug, goodbye, and hello

But what I really remember

Is the last, “I love you”

The way those three words

Stuck like glue

But your voice

Filled with uncertainty and goodbye

I remember the emptiness I felt

As you left me, us

My heart heavy like cement

My tears abundant

Your funeral was long to me, to us

Your life, short to me, to us

I remember the love for us

How strong it was

I will always remember



-For Dad

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