The Brink of Extinction: Prologue


65 million years ago, the footsteps of the beast can be heard from thousands of yards away. It sounds like thunder, but the sky is completely clear. Weighing a massive 30,000 pounds, the creature has teeth like daggers, a skull the size of a horse drawn carriage, and makes large footprints in the ground that look like craters wherever it walks. As of now, it is a nameless killing machine. Though, it would eventually be given an identity: Tyrannosaurus Rex, “king of the tyrant lizards”.  

The beast is hunting. It’s feet pound against the dirt as it sprints across the barren landscape with unbelievable speed. Considering its size, the T-Rex is incredibly fast. Its prey may not have a hard time seeing it coming, but they do have difficulty outrunning it. The Tyrannosaurus has stumbled upon something extraordinary: a lonely herbivore, an Iguanodon who has separated itself from its herd. For the T-Rex, there’s no such thing as the element of surprise. It lets out a deafening roar and relentlessly pursues its prey. The Iguanodon makes an effort to escape, running for its life. Despite being smaller, its awkward legs cause an incredible disadvantage. The T-Rex tilts its head sideways, it’s mouth wide open, and catches its prey, closing its jaw with enough force to cause the Iguanodon’s bones to explode. The animal lets out a helpless grunt just before becoming a meal for the T-Rex. The T-Rex’s enormous teeth are temporarily stained red as it tears away at the flesh of its prey. When the monster is finished, nothing is left of the Iguanodon but bones, blood, and a few small scattered pieces of flesh. Its corpse is left to rot and wither in the middle of the open plain as the Tyrannosaurus Rex calmly walks away.

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