Crisis in the Mind Chapter 1

I can’t do this. It’s too much for me. He can’t make me. Can he? Whatever I’m not doing this. Relax Emily, it’ll be okay. It’s just one presentation. In front of everyone, staring at me. I’m not doing this, I can’t. Maybe if I just ask to use the bathroom, but if I do that, I’ll make a scene. What do I do? Get over yourself, it’s not a big deal. Yes, it is, oh my gosh, just… 


I did not say that. Oh, but I did. Mr. Tuttle is looking at me now. What do I do? 

Emily?” Mr. Tuttle questioned. 

“Yes?” Emily replied.  

“Are you alright?” 

No, Mr. Tuttle, I am not alright 

Yes sir. Um, may I be excused?” 

“Not before your presentation Emily.  You’re next. Why don’t you get started?  

He must be joking. I seriously can’t do this. If I go up there, with everyone staring at me, I’ll choke. I must get out if this. Okay Emily, calm yourself down, It’s just a stupid speech. Just get it over with, at least you’re not last. Screw it, I’m not doing this. 

“Mr. Tuttle, I really need to be excused. It’s an emergency!” 

“Emily, cut the shit, get up there, give your damn speech to the class. Quit wasting time. Now Emily.” 

Can he even say that to me? Great now I am overthinking. He thinks I’m a waste of time. I can tell he doesn’t like me very well. Everyone is staring and whispering. Even Bethany? She is supposed to be my best friend, she is supposed to stand up for me. Wow, what a friend. I seriously can’t do this, I’m walking out right now.                                                                       

“Emily! Where do you think you are going? You can’t leave the classroom. Get back here or you get detention!” 

Just act like you don’t hear him. Keep walking, keep walking, keep walking. Am I really doing this? I never walked out of a classroom before. Has it really come to this? Maybe I need help, but no one would understand. I’ll sound crazy. Is that principle Maribel? I don’t have a hall pass, she will send me back to class. 

“Emily? Wait up!” A familiar voice called. 

Bethany? Now you come for me. Whatever, at least she came after me. 

“Emily? What the hell was that about? Did you have another panic attack?” Bethany questioned. 

“Yeah. It’s getting pretty bad, arguing with myself in my own mind.” Emily replied rolling her eyes. 

“You need help.” 

“You don’t understand Bethany, no one understands. I know you are trying to help, but I honestly can’t explain. It’s too complicated. Look principle Maribel is down the hall talking to another teacher, you don’t want her to catch you in the hall without a pass.” 

“Emily. Please, get help, let me or someone help you. You need it.” 

I know Bethany is just trying to help, I just don’t know how to let her. Maybe I should listen to her, get help. I can’t, I just can’t. Everything is too much. 

“I have to go, I need to talk to Ms. Holly downstairs. Go back to the classroom before the principle sees you. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

“Tomorrow? Emily it’s only third period.” 

“Like I said, I have to go. Bye!” 


Here I go again. Pushing away the people I love because of this, literally. I hate to do this, but this is all I can do right now. How long has it been? Three years. Shit. Principle Maribel! She saw me. Now she is walking to me. She’ll give me a referral without my hall pass. 

“Ms. Smith?” 

“Principle Maribel! Hi. How are you today? You look lovely this morning.” 

“Ms. Smith why aren’t you in Mr. Tuttle’s class?” 

“Um, right. I was actually going to the restroom.” 

“Really, well I don’t see your hall pass.” 

“It was an emergency.” 

“That bad? If it was such an emergency, you wouldn’t have stopped to talk to your friend or be standing here. Would you?” 

“Well any emergency can wait while talking to you Miss.”  

“That’s funny Emily, because I was on my way up to have a word with you.” 

Damn. I am in so much trouble. 

“Oh, really?” 

“In fact, your teacher called me, saying you walked out of class, refused to do your speech and interrupted the class. That sounds like a detention Emily, don’t you agree?” 

Panicking, panicking, panicking. Shit. I’m just going to run to the bathroom, I’m already in trouble, she already hates me. 

“Emily! Get back here now!” 

Don’t look back. Run, just run. You can cry when you get in the bathroom, just run down the stairs and go left. Don’t look back, don’t loo… 

“Oh my gosh! Emily? Are you okay? Emily! Answer me! Emily!” 

What the hell happen. Ouch, everything hurts. Where am I? Everything is white. I can’t see anyone, just white walls. What the hell is going on? Help! Someone, help! Can they even here me? I can’t even see them. Am I dead? Please help me! 

“Emily? Are you okay? Can you hear me?” 

Yes, I can hear you! Where are you? I can’t see you. Who is this anyway? 

“If you can hear me Emily, help is on the way. Principle Maribel! Help, Emily is hurt.” She fell!” 

Great. I fell and a stranger watched me, and the person I run away from is coming to help. Great. 

“Oh dear! Thank you, Tommy, go get the nurse then get back to class.” 

“Yes ma’am.” 

WAIT! TOMMY? THE SUPER HOT TOMMY? How does he even know my name? I’m a junior and he’s a senior. Oh lord, what the hell is going on?” 

Don’t worry Emily, everything will be okay. Help is on the way. I’m so sorry this happened to you. 

Why is she being nice to me? She usually yells when I trip in the hall and tells me to pay attention.  

Principle Maribel?” 

“What is it Tommy?” 

“The nurse isn’t in her office. I went up to the front desk, they said they don’t know where she is. Should I call 911?” 

“No. No cops, that’s going to cause a scene. We don’t need that at our school.” 

“I’m calling the police. The nurse isn’t here, she is hurt and needs help.” 

“Fine, stay with her though, I’ll look for the nurse.” 

“Of course.” 

Tommy is staying by my side? If only I could see him. Why is he though? And why did Mrs. Maribel say she didn’t want any cops? Wait, who that talking to Tommy? 

Why are you staying here with her?” 

“She is hurt.” 

“Tommy, you’re talking about Emily Smith. Are you feeling okay? Who would want to stay with her?” 

Monica. Of course. She’s a bitch. 

Why are you such a spoiled brat?” 

“Ever since you broke up with me, you have been acting different. Hanging out with her brother, talking about her, are you two a thing? That would be insane.” 

I’m sorry, what? I never knew he was hanging out with Josh, or even talking about me.  

So, what if we are? That is not your business.” Tommy shrugged. 

“You are?” Monica says depressingly. 

“No, we aren’t. You can leave now, the paramedics should be here soon, and I have no idea where Mrs. Maribel went. Leave, now.” 

“Whatever.” Monica walked away. 

Did Tommy just say he had feelings for me? Oh God. What is happening, this is all weird. When can I get out of this? I’m going to go insane. 

Tommy! I found the nurse, she’s going to stay with Emily until the paramedics get here. Thank you for staying but I want you to get to class now.” Principal Maribel shouted, running towards Tommy. 

“No, I’m staying, I want to.” Tommy replied. 

“You really care about her, don’t you?” 

“I do. I really do. Please, let me stay and go to the hospital with her. Please.” 

“Alright. I’ll be outside for when they get here. Stay here with the nurse if you want.” 

“Thank you.” 

Why is he doing this? Does he have feelings for me? OH, MY GOSH. TOMMY BAILEY HAS FEELINGS FOR ME! How? I really need to get out of this. 

Is this really happening? I’m in an ambulance, with Tommy Bailey, who happens to be holding my hand right now, at least I hope so. This is embarrassing. The hottest guy in school watched me fall, I may or may not be dead and he likes me. Since when? Why? How? I didn’t even know Josh and Tommy were even friends. Josh is in college and has his own apartment, how do they know each other? When did Maria and Tommy break up? Am I the reason? I think I’m at the hospital now, I can smell it. Is that my mom’s voice? Mommy! 

“Emily! Honey, can you hear me? I love you. I hope you are okay.” 

Mommy! I’m scared. Help me. Please. 

“Mom. Is Emmy okay? What happened?” 

“Josh! It’s so good to see my son again. I missed you so much. Emily is unconscious, they think she is in a coma.”  

“What? What happened?” Josh asked confused. 

“I’m not sure.” 

“Josh.” Tommy appeared. 

“Tommy? What are you doing here?” Josh asked. 

“I’m with Emily, well I was there when she fell, and I didn’t want her to be alone.” 

“Do you know what happen?” 

“She fell down 2 flights of stairs. I’m not sure what happened. The principle was right behind her when it happened. She came running down and told me not to call the cops.” 

“She said that?” 


“Well, thank you, for staying with her.” 


“Mom and I are here now, you can leave.” 

“I’m staying. I care about her.” 


“Thank you.” 

“Let my sister and I have some time alone. Go wait with my mom and tell her what happened. She’s scared.” 


Josh, I really like Tommy, and he likes me. Don’t push him away, not now. Are you crying? 

“I’m sorry this happened to you Emily. If only I knew sooner. Bethany messaged me two weeks ago, she told me about your issues. You must be so scared and tired. You must feel so alone. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell mom, at least not yet. I understand why you didn’t tell her. If I were you I’d probably wouldn’t have told her either. After dad died, everything has been rough for everyone. Maybe if I were with you more often, you would be okay. I love you sis, and I promise you, everything will be okay sooner or later.” Josh said as he cried. 

I really wish I could hug you right now. I love you so much Josh. Please don’t blame yourself, this isn’t your fault.  

“I wonder if you can hear me right now. Mom is coming in here soon. Josh is outside. I think he really cares about you.” 

“Josh? Everything okay?” Mrs. Smith came in. 

“Yes mom, hopefully she isn’t in pain from the fall.” Josh replied.  

“I asked to the doctor to give her medicine just in case she was.” 


I am not in pain, I am tired though. I really need to talk to you both. Something happened before I fell, but I can’t remember.  

“Josh, your friend Tommy told me what he saw. Should we inform the police?” 

“What for? He already gave them a statement. He was walking downstairs when Emily fell from the top and he went to help her. Shortly after the principle saw her on the ground and they both helped as much as they could.” 

“That is what I’m talking about Josh. Tommy told me something he didn’t tell you and I think..” 


You have to me joking. Why is SHE here? 

“Principle Maribelle what are you doing here?” 

“Ms. Smith, I came by to make sure Emily is okay. How is she?” 

“Leave this room now.” 

“Mom. Why are you being rude?” 

“It’s okay Josh, I just came by to check on her. Maybe next time Ms. Smith. See you around.” 

Why was mom acting like this? She hasn’t been acting like this since I was three and that is when my cousin pushed my brother off the trampoline. It was quite funny though, at least not to my mom. I remember she yelled at her, and she told my aunt to leave and to not come back until she had her kid straightened out. I wonder what my Principle this time. Maybe it’s just the stress. 

“Mom? Why did you say that to her?”  

“We will talk later. Go outside with Josh and give Emily and I some time.” 

“Okay mom. I love you” 

“I love you too.” 

Mommy. Hold my hand, please. 

“Don’t worry baby, I’m right here. Everything is going to be okay.” Mrs. Smith held her daughters’ hand.

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