Chapter 4

I don’t exactly remember what happened last night, or what happened after the lobby. All I know is that I ended up in my bed, in my apartment, with Jeannette curled up next to me under the thin covers. The early morning sun sifted through the metal blinds. Through narrow slits, I peered around the one room apartment and noted it more disheveled that usual. I cracked a slight smile, it must have been a good night. As my eyes scanned around the room, a blinding green light caught my eye. It was an alarm clock, shining a brilliant green similar to Jeannette’s eyes. What I saw next jolted me from rest. It read 5:46.

‘Shit’ I thought. Instinctively, I leaped from my rest, not waking Jeannette. I sifted through the covers and out of the bed. I immediately caught the chill of the air, but I ignored it and pressed on.

Moving swiftly, I picked up some things on the floor, pushed others out of the way, put some clothes on, and started making some breakfast at a run. I walked towards the kitchenette and tumbled with a few multi-appliances. Something beeped softly and began to vibrate. I began to write a note on the counter to Jeannette. I couldn’t read it, but I hoped the note said  “I had to go, duty calls. Breakfast is made.” Before signing it, I contemplated writing I love you. The doubts from last night surfaced again. Do I really love her? I questioned myself. Behind me the multi-appliance clicked and fumed steam with a chime and light spilled out as it opened. Inside the insulated container was a heated waffle-and-egg sandwich. I left the note as it is, grabbed the sandwich, wrapped it as neatly as possible in a paper towel, and walked for the door of the apartment. I opened the door to the hallway, the bland white light beamed through the opening like torrents from rain clouds. Behind me Jeannette murmured in her sleep, the light spilled onto her like a waterfall. I looked back and smiled.

She was one of the best things to happen to me since I graduated from basic. Sometimes I wondered when we would settle down, or even if. Right now, with the price of land going up and the economy going down, it didn’t seem likely. The almost burning passion I had for her, that was undeniable. We would make it work. I thought.

I went back to her and kissed her on the forehead and left the apartment.


The millisecond I walked outside, the morning cold frost shook me to the bone. The lag of tiredness evaporated in the dawn air as my objective remained clear in my mind. Don’t be late. The infant morrow sun was barely peeking over the tall skyscrapers of the North. I glanced down at my watch, the time was 6:00. Late, yet again.

In the early mornings, the streets were near empty. Only a few stragglers and morning joggers. With that, the commute is nice and fast, if, I leave before six. When I couldn’t leave before then, it becomes a notorious pain in the ass. All those jokes about horrendous traffic were derived from pure fact. Right now, the streets were already filled with tired-eyed commuters.

“Dammit.” I said out loud. I went into the car, started it, and began the descent.

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