Crisis in the Mind Chapter 3

Ms. Smith is now in California. She is right outside a coffee shop. She picked up her phone and called the person who made her life a mess. They answered. 

“Randy? Yeah, it’s me. Jennifer. I’m here, to see you. Get a bag ready, you’re coming back with me to see your daughter. She’s in a coma.” Ms. Smith said. “Meet me at the coffee shop next to the theater.” She hangs up her phone and walks into the coffee shop. 

Ms. Smith sits at a table near a window, waiting on Randy. He arrives twenty minutes after they spoke on the phone. 

“Jennifer! It’s so nice to see you after so long. Thank you for calling me. How have you been?” Randy asked while he sat across the table. 

“This isn’t a family reunion Randy. Our daughter is in a coma and you need to come back home. She thinks you’re dead.” Jennifer responded. 

“Well, who’s fault is that?”  

“Yours. It is all your fault. You left unexpectedly, come to find you have a new family. If Emily knew what really happened, she would feel at fault. Josh would hate you. And me, well, I have so many feelings towards you.” Jennifer shouted. 

“I’m sorry…” Randy paused.  

“Do not go there! You are selfish. Do you have any idea of how you made me feel when you left us? Enough with the act of sorrow. You are coming back to Wisconsin with me, to see your children and explain to them why you are not dead.” Jennifer stood up and left the coffee shop.  

Randy left the shop and followed Jennifer to a cab. They got in and Randy gave the cab driver the destination to his house. The drive to the house was in complete silence. The cab driver pulled up in front of a big gate. Randy pays the driver and gets out with Jennifer and walks up to his house. 

“Hurry up and get your crap together. You have 20 minutes, then we are leaving. I’ll wait out here, so I don’t see your mistress.” Jennifer said as she sits down on the porch swing. 

A while later, Randy comes out the door with his bags. They get into the car and Randy drives to the airport. They get on a plane back to Wisconsin. Their flight was filled with silence.

Meanwhile back at the hospital in Wisconsin, Tony is talking to Emily. Josh is still asleep on the couch beside her. 

“Will you tell me about Tommy?” Tony asked Emily 

Tommy? I have had a huge crush on him since freshman year.  Of course, he has never noticed me. He is one of those sporty, popular kids. I’m not so much. When I heard him say he likes me, I was so happy. I mean, there could be a chance, right? I’m surprised, especially the part where I heard he was a friend of my loser brother. I guess that’s what happens when you aren’t in touch of your family as much. My dad is dead, my mom left to God knows where. My brother doesn’t know what to do with himself. Bethany hasn’t even come to visit me. I’m stuck in this stupid coma.  

Maybe Bethany is just busy. Your mom is probably looking for help to get the money, and your brother, he’s trying to get back to himself. He’s trying to be responsible after the drugs. Your mom doesn’t even know about the drugs, and she doesn’t know about how you’ve been feeling. I can tell without reading your mind that you haven’t told her. I get it, you want to protect her, you don’t know how she’s going to react to it and you fear rejection. That is why I am here to help. Not only help you get out of the coma, but maybe help you and your family become happy again. Speaking of family, I think I hear your mom down the hall.” He walks by the door and looks down the hall. “I see her actually, she is with some guy.” He continued to say. 

A guy? She hasn’t been seeing anybody, or at least she never told me. What are they saying? 

They are arguing. I can’t tell what about though.” He responded.  

Hello? Read their minds. I want to know what my mother is up to.  

Okay, wait, they’re coming.” He rushed back to where he was and sat beside Emily.  

Jennifer came in the room with Randy. Josh is woken by his mothers’ voice. 

“Josh? I have something to tell you.” Jennifer said as she shook his arm.  

He sat up on the couch, his mom reached for his hand. 

“Josh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t completely honest with you and Emily.” She started crying. 

“What do you mean mom? Are you okay? What happened.” Josh asked in concern. 

Jennifer looked at Josh, then looked at Randy, and nodded, making Josh turn towards him. 

“Dad?” Josh, confused. “I thought you were dead!” He panicked. 

Dad? No, it can’t be. This is a joke! My dad is dead! He can’t be here. I went to his funeral! What the hell is going on? 

Hi Josh. How have you been?” Randy asked. 

“How have I been? I thought you were dead, why the hell are you standing in front of me.” 

“Josh, I cheated on your mother. I left. I left you, Emily, and your mother. I live in California now, with a new family. Your mom thought it would be best if you thought I died, instead of feeling abandoned. She wanted you two, to think good of me.” He sat down next to Emily.  

“Josh, I don’t know how to say how sorry I am.”  

“You son of a bitch!” Josh walked over to his dad and punched him, then walked out. 

My father, cheated, then left us? Mom lied to us about him being dead. What the hell? This can’t be happening.  

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