Where’s My Messiah: Chapter 3

As they pull up, they hear loud music and talking. There were cars everywhere. The two girls go inside, and Ridley comes up to Amanda, “Hey, glad you could make it.”

Amanda smirks,  “where can I get a drink?”

Ridley replies, “in the kitchen, and there is a keg out back”

“Thanks, where can I find you after I get my drink?” Amanda asks in a flirty voice.

“Meet me downstairs, last door on the right.” he says with a smirk on his face. Charlotte and Amanda head towards the kitchen to get a drink,

“CHARLOTTE….hey girl, yeah.. over here.” Yell a group of girls across the room.

“Hey Char, I’m gonna go talk with Ridley downstairs, go spend time with your girls. Meet me outside at one? She asks.

“Sure thing,” Charlotte replies. As Amanda makes her way down the steps, she feels a nice sense of comfort. Amanda knocks on Ridley’s door, “come on in” he says through a smile.

“You got a nice place here” Amanda said while laughing flirtily.

“Want to come sit over here with everyone else” he asked her whilst touching the back of her hand.

“I’d love to,” she replied gracefully. Ridley took Amanda by the hand and guided her over to where some kids were passing around a joint.

“Here ya go Manda..” said the kid passing the joint to her. Before she could even reach out for it,

Ridley took it out of the kid’s hand, “She doesn’t smoke.”

Amanda looked at Ridley with confusion, “Um, yeah, actually I do,” she replied. Ridley’s smile grew even larger than it already had been.

“Here, take it. My bad.” He said in a calming voice. She puffed twice and handed it to the next person,

“Why would a guy like you ever wanna talk to a girl like me anyways?” Amanda asked with hollow eyes.

“Well, I thought you were pretty cute, so I decided I wanted to meet you,” he said with a smile.

“Awh, that’s sweet,” she replied.

He leaned in for a kiss, and she met him halfway. They looked at each other and smiled. Right then is when he knew he wanted to get to know this girl more in-depth. They talked for hours, just about stupid stuff. They were having fun, just like any normal teenagers would. As Amanda finished the last sip of her drink, she looked at the clock. It read: 12:17AM.

“Shit, I have to go; it’s past my curfew,” she told him.

“Okay, let me walk you out to your car,” he said.

“I’d love that,” she said with a smile.

He took her hand and led her up the stairs to go look for Charlotte. They walked into the day room to look for her.

“I wonder where she is,” Amanda said to herself.

“Well she’s not in here,” he said as he put his hands on her waist pulling her in for another kiss. They day room was empty except for the two of them. She kissed him back

“I have to find her, we need to go,” she laughed.

“She’s probably outside,” he told her.

“Okay, let’s go,” she grabbed his hand and led him into the kitchen and out the back door. Once they stepped into the backyard, they saw her standing in a group with some people.

“Hey girl, you ready to go,” she yelled.

“Yeah, let me get my stuff,” she replied.

Charlotte then grabbed her bag, and then went to the car. Amanda and Ridley followed shortly behind, holding hands. Ridley opened the car door for Amanda, kissed her, then they were off to waffle house.

“So how did your night go,” Charlotte said through a smirk.

“It was the best night of my life. He kissed me, and I felt like I was floating on cloud nine,” she replied.

“I’m so happy for you,” she said with sincere in her voice.

“How was your night, Char,” Amanda asked through a smile.

“It was good, I just hung out with some girls from history class,” she said.

They sat in silence for the next five minutes just trying to focus until they pulled in to the waffle house and went inside.

“How many,” the waitress asked.

“Just two,” said Amanda.

“Sit anywhere you like, what can I get for you two to drink,” she asked them.

“Two cokes please,” said Charlotte.

“Sure thing,” the waitress responded.

“Hmm, bacon, eggs, and toast sound so good right now,” said Amanda.

“I was thinking sausage gravy over biscuits,” Charlotte said smiling at the menu.

“Here’s your drinks, are you ready to order,” the waitress asked.

“I think we are. I’ll take the bacon, dippy eggs, and toast,” Charlotte told the woman.

“And I’ll take sausage gravy over biscuits,” Amanda told her next.

“One or two biscuits, Ma’am,” she asked.

“Two please, I’m starving,” she said.

“I’ll go put these in, just holler if you need anything,” she told them, and then walked away with a smile.

“So, do you think you and Ridley are going to be a thing,” Charlotte asked her.

“I have hope, but I guess we will see when we go back to school,” she responded.

“I think you guys would be a cute couple,” she said to Amanda.

“Awh, thank you Char,” she responded.

“Here you are ladies, sausage gravy over two biscuits for you, and bacon, dippy eggs, and toast for you. Is there anything else I can get for you lovely ladies,” she asked them.

“Nope, we’re good, thanks.” Charlotte said.

“Damn girl, this food looks so good, let’s dig in,” Amanda said.

They devoured their food within twenty minutes, paid the bill then went outside for a cigarette.

“It’s cold out here,” Amanda said as she lit up her cigarette.

“Sure is,” Charlotte replied after her second puff.

“Lets get home, I’m sure mom’s worried about us,” Amanda said.

“You’re probably right,” Charlotte says opening up her car door.

It was silent in the car. No one said much. Amanda just stared out of the passenger window. It was about two in the morning. There was a terrible fog that swallowed the ground. Amanda stared into her passenger side mirror. Her head was heavy, her mom was on her mind. Half of her wished she saw her mom in the mirror. She always felt her mom with her, but she just wished she could tell her she loved her one last time, and hear her say it back. That wasn’t the case.

“Are you okay,” Charlotte asked her.

“I’ll be fine, I don’t wanna talk about it,” she replied.

“Well I’m always here if you ever need to talk about anything,” Charlotte said through a smile.

“I know, thank you.” she replied.

Five minutes later Charlotte looked over to the passenger seat and saw that Amanda was passed out.

“Hmm, I guess i’ll let her sleep, we still got at least twenty minutes until we get home” Charlotte thought to herself.

“Here we are,” Charlotte announced, waking up Amanda.

“Alright, let’s get in here and get to bed,” Amanda said.

“Okay, but we have to be quieter than mice,” Charlotte told Amanda.

“I got this,” she said through a smile.

The girls unlocked the door, then went into the kitchen to get some water before going back to bed. The light flicked on,

“Where have you girls been? It’s almost three o’clock in the damn morning,” Charlotte’s mom exclaimed.

“well we went to the store to look at clothes, but we didn’t find any we liked. Then we went and looked at make-up, which you know take us forever, even if we aren’t buying anything.  Then we went to waffle house to get something to eat because we were hungry, and then ended up needing a jump-start and w-we could find anyone with cables for a long time….” Charlotte said to her mother to try to save herself from getting in trouble.

“Well okay then, you girls go ahead and go to bed, goodnight,” Charlotte’s mom said to the girls.

They waiting until she walked away to start giggling.

“Damn, that was a close one,” Amanda said.

“I know, let’s go to bed,” Charlotte said.

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