Crisis in the Mind Chapter 4

        Tony, get me out of this thing. Let’s do another exercise, I can’t handle this anymore, I’m going insane! Please, I know you are listening, you always do, that’s how it works. You’re supposed to read my mind, listen to me, then help me get out of the stupid coma, please!
“I’m here Emily. What’s on your mind today?” Tony asked.
        How did I end up here? I find out my father, who is supposed to be dead, cheated on my mom and left us. My mother, who knew, and lied to us instead, and was still in contact with him. I’m pretty sure my brother is somewhere, trying not to do drugs. I can hear my father outside my room. I have no clue where my mother is. I am still in this coma because…Oh my gosh! Holy crap!
“What is it?”
        Go inside my mind again, do the teleport thing. I think I know what happened!
“Just think of a place, focus. Imagine what is happening. You may be able to look back to where you fell. Just focus.” He held her hand. “Now, what do you see?”
        The Principal caught me in the halls with no pass. She knew I walked out of class and yelled at the teacher. I was running to go downstairs…Oh my gosh. That’s what happened. I didn’t just fall, I was pushed. I felt it. That’s why I fell. But who pushed me? I can’t see who did it. Wait, what’s happening. I feel so much pressure. It’s starting to hurt. I can’t breathe. Tony!
“Emily, I have to go. I can’t be in here when stuff like this is happening. You’re having a seizure. If something happens to you, and you die…I’ll die. I have to get out of your mind, I’m sorry.” Tony leaves her mind, waking up from the meditation.
        Tony! Ouch! Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. Everything will eventually be okay. You got this, just try to breath. It hurts! Tony! Please, help. Wait, is that the doctor? What’s happening?
“We have her stable now. Do you know where her parents are?” The doctor seemed annoyed.
“Well, no, actually. Last I saw her father, it was outside the room. He took off right before the seizure. I have no idea where her mother or brother went to.” Tony put his hands against his face, seeming stressed and tired.
“Sir, we understand you’re not family, but we need a family member to sign off on the surgery.” The doctor showed him the forms.
“I’m sorry, but surgery? For what?” Tony stood up.
“Well, I can’t really say without a family member here, but…Emily had a bad seizure, and I’m afraid they won’t stop until we do something. We think the fall may have something to do with it, and whatever you are doing to “help” her, it’s not helping. Please inform the family when or if they return that she will be having a major surgery.” The doctor turns to leave.
“Doctor.” Tony interrupted. “If I may, during the surgery, I’d like to sit by her, help her find her thoughts.”
“Sir, this is a major surgery, we will be inside her brain. No, you cannot be in the room during the surgery.”
“Doctor please! I have to help her”
“No! That is final. Excuse me, but I need to get ready for the surgery.” The doctor left the room.
“Emily? Can you hear me?” Tony asked while holding her hand.
        Yes. Do I have to go to surgery? I’m scared. I can’t go.
“Yes, you can, and you will. I’ll be there.”
        But he said you can’t.
“I know what he said. I’ll be in here, but I’ll also be in your mind.”
Is that possible?
“Just don’t die, and we’ll be okay.” He laughed
        Okay! I’ll do my best.
“You ready?” He asked.
        Yes. My mind is open and ready.
“Great. Let’s get started with the exercise!” Tony began the exercise.

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