Where’s My Messiah: Chapter 4

josh-bean-425209-unsplash“Oh my God girlfriend, to-NIGHT is the night!” she said to her Charlotte.

“What’re you talking about?” she replied

“I’m sneaking out to meet him, tonight,”she said with excitement.

“Good luck, let me know how it goes,” she told her.

“I will,” she replied.

Later that night, once the clock hit two AM, she slipped out the back door. When she opened the door, she felt the cool breeze of night. Everything was silent. There were no cars, no planes, no people. It was just her and the night sky filled with a million twinkling stars. She walked a little bit down the road so no one would hear his car. As he pulled up she had a big smile on her face. She got into this 1978, mustard brown, Dodge Aspen. It was nice, but you could tell it had a little bit of wear and tear.

“How are you doin’ babe?” He asked her.

“I’m great,” she kissed him.

“Awesome, let’s get going,” he said.

They rode to his house. His parents were away. They went inside, and she lead him to his bedroom. They shut his door and locked it. They woke up the next morning; he rolled over and kissed her.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning. I should probably get back before anyone notices I’m gone,” she told him.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Let’s get going.”

They put on their clothes and rushed out the door. They sat in the car for a few minutes before taking off.

“I like you a lot, Ridley, these past three months have been amazing, I just hope you feel the same way.”

“I one hundred percent feel the same way. I love being around you,” he told her.

He pulled out of his driveway, and onto the road. She turned the radio up and they listened to music the whole way to her house. Once they got to Amanda’s house, he kissed her goodbye, and went back home. They kept sneaking out to meet each other about five times a month, a few months passed while they were doing this. After the last time they stopped for a while because they were on the verge of getting caught.

Five weeks later, Amanda woke up early in the morning, rushing to the bathroom to vomit. It was morning sickness. Once he realized what was going on she called her best friend over to tell her.

“Hey Char, I… um, … need you to come over. I have something I have to tell you.”

“Okay, I’m on my way.”

After the phone hung up, Amanda started crying, but she wasn’t upset. She just knew she wasn’t ready to be a mom. She didn’t know if she could handle it. The late nights, the crying, anything. The one thing she did know, was that she had to try. Fifteen minutes later Charlotte showed up at the front door. Amanda opened the door, grabbed her hand, and drug her into the backyard behind the big sycamore tree.

“I think I’m pregnant,” she told Charlotte with tears in her eyes.

“Okay, let’s go get you a test. Stay here, and I’ll run down to the store,” she said as she walked out of the door. Five minutes later, she was back and they went into the bathroom together. Amanda took the test.  The test took three minutes. Amanda sat on the bed with the test in her hands while Charlotte stood beside her.

“Everything’s going to be okay,” Charlotte said to her.

Then, two pink lines appeared on the stick. Her eyes filled with tears.

“Are we happy, or are we sad?!” Charlotte exclaimed.

“Happy, we’re happy!” she hugged her.

“You have to tell Ridley,” Charlotte said.

“I know, I’ll tell him soon.”

Later that night, she went over to Ridley’s house. On the way over she was nervous, she didn’t know how he was going to react. She pulled up and knocked on his door. His mom opened the door and let her inside.

“How are you?” His mom asked her.

“I’m good, how about yourself,” she said.

“Just taking life one day at a time.”

“That’s the best you can do, Where’s Ridley?”

“In his room.”

“Alright, thanks.”

She goes down the stairs, stops and takes a deep breath. Talking to his mom was nerve racking for her. She then walks back the long hallway. She opens his door and walks in shutting it behind her.

“Hey babe,” he says.

“Hey, we need to talk about something,” she said to him.

His face dropped like someone told him his dog got hit by a car, “about what?”

She grabbed his hands, and held them in hers. She let out a deep breath, and said “I’m pregnant.”

“Are you being serious? This isn’t a joke right?”

“This isn’t a joke, you’re going to be a dad,” she handed him the test.

“I love you, Amanda. We are going to raise this baby to the best of our ability. Wow, I’m gonna be a dad? That’s crazy, I love you, I love you, I love you…” he said to her with excitement.

Ridley always wanted to be a dad. He swore to himself he would be a better dad than his own. His dad yelled a lot, and was an alcoholic. He wasn’t a very pleasant man to be around, but you can’t pick a choose your parents.

As the days went by her belly grew. They knew it was time to tell his parents. One night after dinner, they sat his parents down at the table.

“Mom, pops, can you please come sit out out here with us. We have something we need to tell you., Ridley said from the kitchen.

“What is it? His mom asked as her and her husband walked through the door.

“Okay, I need you to support me and Amanda’s decision that we are making. I don’t need you against me, I need you with me, with us,” he stated.

“Okay, spit it out,” she said.

“Amanda, she’s pregnant,” he said with hope in his eyes.

“His mother stood there blankly. Okay, we will get through this. You guys are gonna make wonderful parents,” she said with a half smile.

“Pops?” Ridley said.

“Yeah son?” he replied.

“You’re going to be a grandfather,” I know, I can’t wait to spoil the shit out of this kid.

They sat for a while talking about where the baby would stay, any names they had thought of. It was eerie how supportive they were. They didn’t think they would support it at all. After all, they’re both still kids. How would they get by?

A few months later Amanda was working at a grocery store for her aunt Kay. Stocking shelves, and doing paperwork in the office. She was in the office doing paperwork, when her aunt’s daughter walks in.

“You’re pregnant…” her aunt’s daughter said to her, in shock. Her aunt’s daughter and her hung out behind the scenes of everything. I mean, they had to share a room, but no one knew that. They have a special bond.

“Don’t tell them, please, they can’t know,” she pleaded.

“They will help you, it’ll be okay to tell them.  

“Okay, let’s do this,” she responded.

They went to their grandparents and told them. Her grandfather told her that he’s known for weeks. I guess the old man can sense anything.

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