Chapter 1: Beginnings

     My alarm clock was blaring. I walked to my mirror. I had major bed head. I changed into my Whale Tails then, my embroidered low-rise jeans,and Pink crop top. I grabbed my black Steve Madden’s off the stairs and struggled to put them on. Daniel was in the kitchen arguing with mom like usual. Loren was reading Harry Potter in the corner.

“Don’t forget a jacket. It’s cold!” Said mom.

“Ok I won’t.” I rolled my eyes. I grabbed my jean jacket and walked out the door. There were three kids at the bus stop. They were arguing about Pokemon. The bus came. I turned on my phone and slid out the keyboard and texted Kayla that I was on my way.

I walked into my history class. I sat down in the back of the class with Kayla and Kiefer. Kayla and Kiefer were making out like usual. I just did an awkward cough and pulled out my binder. Crystal ran into the class.

“I’m just waiting for twenty minutes without the teacher,” I just laughed.

“You know that’s a rumor, right?” She rolled her eyes.

“I don’t care.” She flipped opened her phone. I looked over at Kyle. He looked back and waved. I hid my blushing and waved back. His cousins Jack and Jase, looked back and smiled. They started to pick on Kyle. I rolled my eyes and turned to talk to Crystal, but she was gone. The professor came in a little bit after twenty minutes.

“Ronald Reagan.” He said. Then I zoned out.

I walked to lunch with Crystal and Kayla. We paid for our lunch and sat down. I looked over at the door. Like usual, Kyle and Kiefer suck out to smoke pot in the back of the school.

“Guys did you hear about the party at Chad’s place? His parents are out of town.” Kayla looked at Crystal and smiled.

“We should go.”  I shook my head.

“I think so too.” The bell chimed and we dumped our trays.

“See you guys after school!” I waved bye and headed to class.

I met up with Crystal and Kayla at the Food Lion parking lot. Kayla parked her 2000 Chevrolet Malibu. We all sat on the hood and drank Dairy Queen milkshakes. Kayla was blaring

“Not For Me” by Backstreet Boys.

“When does the party start?”

“Around 5.” We finished our milkshakes and hopped in her car.

“Ooh this is my song.” Kayla cranked the volume all the way up.

“You are my fire. My one desire.” Kayla was singing off tune.

“Believe when I say, I want it that way!” I stuck my head out the window and yelled.

“Tell me why!” The song was over after a couple minutes. We jammed out to various Backstreet Boys songs until we got to Chad’s house.

When we got into the house the speakers were blaring 3 Doors Down. I believe it was Kryptonite. My friend Crystal was making her way through the drinks. She came back with two red Solo Cups filled with God knows what.

“There are so many hot guys here.” Crystal looked over at Kayla.

“She is always with her boyfriend Keifer.” She rolled her eyes and shoved a Solo Cup in my face. I grabbed it and smiled. We clinked our cups together, and she pulled me to the dance floor. Three Solo Cups later, I somehow lost Crystal.

“Hey Kayla, have you’ve seen Crystal?”  She looked at me.

“Ya, she had her hand in Chad’s back pocket. You know what that means.” She winked and I smiled. She walked back to the dance floor. I looked back, Kiefer was slow dancing with Kayla. The song was I Swear, by All For One. I felt a cold breeze down my back. I looked at the front door. Kyle Case walked through the door. Then Carrie, Kyle’s sister, and her boyfriend Brice walked through. She pulled him to the dance floor. Quin came in and walked to her group of friends. I looked over at Kyle and smiled. I waved at him, then he started walking towards me.

“Hey Tiffany. You look totally nice tonight,” I blushed.

“Thanks dude,” I handed him a Solo Cup. He took it.

An hour later we were dancing. He was doing the Running Man. I was just swaying back and forth. I was never a good dancer. Then Kyle stopped dancing. I stopped and looked at him. He kissed me. But, it was longer than just a kiss. He grabbed my arm and guided me up the stairs and into the master bedroom.


“Kyle, come in here! Now!” I was panicked. I held the positive pregnancy test in my hand.

“Where are you babe?”

“I’m in the fucking bathroom.” He ran in. He had one drum stick in his hand.

“You may wanna sit down,” he gave me an odd look, but sat on the toilet. I threw the pregnancy test at him. He looked at it, looked at me, then looked at my stomach.

“Oh shit.”

I sat dad down on the couch ?om followed behind. Kyle held my hand and smiled at me.

“I’m…I’m pregnant.” Mom looked happy but mad. Dad gave me a disappointed look, then glared at Kyle.

“Are you sure young lady? If this is a joke you’re grounded until college,” I shook my head. Mom started to cry. Kyle leapt up and hugged her.

“You’re getting a abortion.” Mom cried even more. Kyle glared at dad.

“No, we are not!” I looked at Kyle. I’ve never seen Kyle this mad before.

“So you would rather throw your whole senior year away for one child that should have never happened in the first place. Are you two ready for the responsibilities of being parents? The long nights? The bills?” Mom looked at Dad.

“The kid is being born. We will help them raise it. Kyle, what did your mother say about this?”

“She was disappointed, but she was happy.” Mom looked at me, then hugged me.

“You’ll be fine. I promise.” she whispered in my ear.


The doctor squeezed the cold liquid on my belly. It had a purple tint to it. Then she gently pressed down.

“Ok Tiffany, if you look at that monitor over, there you’ll see your child.” I looked over and saw my little baby. I teared up. Kyle gripped my hand. I looked over at Mom and Dad. Dad was smiling.

“So what is the gender?”

“Do you want to know or keep it a surprise?” I looked over at Kyle.

“We wanna know.” The nurse smiled and went to grab the doctor. The doctor came in.

“Hello future grandparents.” He shook Mom and Dad’s hand.

“Hello future father.” He gave Kyle a fist bump.

“Ah yes, hello future mother.” He smiled at me and walked to the monitor.

“Let’s have a look here.” He started to hum. A couple minutes later he smiled.

“Ok you have, Drum roll please, a beautiful little girl.” Mom and Dad hugged. I looked at Kyle, and he kissed me.

“Did you guys think of a name?”

“I don’t know any yet.” I looked at Kyle and smiled.

They wheeled me into the hospital in a wheelchair.

“Ok Mrs. Monem i need you to breath in and out.” I looked at the nurse and did as I was told. the wheeled me into the room. There was a bed and some chairs.

“Ok Mrs. Monem we are gonna help you on the bed.” They lifted me gently onto the bed. The pain was agonizing. It felt like someone was taking forceps and forcing them open inside me.  Kyle, Mom, Dad, Loren, and Daniel all came in. Three doctors came in after them.

“Ok Mrs. Monem, need you to start pushing.” I pushed as hard as I can.

After 20 minutes of pushing, I was tired.

“ Doctor! There is blood”

“Ok, we need an emergency c-section” I started to black out.

I woke up in a brightly lit room.

“She is awake.” I looked over to my left and saw my mom and dad sitting in chairs. Kyle was sitting  to my right. He was holding my hand. The doctor came in and smiled. The nurse came in with the biggest smile on her face. She was holding my baby. She was wrapped up in a little pink blanket. She placed her in my arms.

“Hello Abigail Rachel Chase” The little baby smiled.


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