A Little White Lie

photo-1502082995094-16a0e90cfc14Got to hurry! Got to hurry! It was 11:24, 15 minutes passed my parents strict curfew. They are gonna kill me. I told Lulu I needed to go. Girls am I right? That extra 15 minutes was worth it though, if ya know what I mean 😉 Okay quickly, I gotta figure something out to tell mom. Think, think, think. I was thinking so hard that once I opened the door to my fate, my mind went blank.

“Where have you been Missy?!” My mother said in a growling voice filled with rage.

“Ah, I can explain. It was a very good reason. I promise.” I said with a fake smile hoping her motherly senses couldn’t see through it.

“Okay, then spit it out. Let’s hear it.” her eyebrows raised and lips pressed together.

“Okay well.. See, I was on my way here… and I saw something in the road so I swerved and stopped the car… and I got out and saw a baby rabbit. It didn’t look hurt so I left it alone.. While getting into my car a kid, named John Farmer, from school stopped and smashed the bunny with his boot.. Soo I slammed him down on the ground and showed him how it felt to be a helpless little creature. I showed that dude what’s up Mom. Didn’t even get a scratch on me. I did a great thing. Therefore, I shouldn’t be punished.”

“Well, I guess that’s an okay reason. Now get your ass to bed before I change my mind!” She said as she barked me up to my room.

Shew.. I can’t believe that actually worked! I didn’t think that would have fooled anyone let alone my mother. I’m a genius. As I stare up at my ceiling, counting the plastic glow in the dark stars, my eyes begin to droop. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep.


…Beep…beep…beep… Ahhh, that horrible 6:00 A.M. screaming alarm. Always reminds me how amazing my day is going to be. That’s a joke by the way, it’s probably the most dreaded moment of my life. I slugged on my clothes and slipped my book bag over my shoulders.

“See you later Mom!” I screamed as I walked out the door. I opened my morning dew covered car door and slid into the cold tan leather interior. On the way to school I had to make a stop at my girls’, Aliveya, Lulu for short. I pulled up in the driveway and honked the horn repeatedly. “LET’S GO COME ON!” I said unison with the horn. She ran out like a bat out of hell. Her hair was only up on one side, holding her shoes in one hand and eating an egg and sausage sandwich with the other.

“Damn girl, needed some more time?” I said chuckling as she jumped in the passenger seat.

“Maybe if someone wasn’t beeping like a maniac outside my window I’d be fine, ass.” She said as she kissed my cheek. I blushed and gently pushed down the accelerator. As I begin to back out of Lulu’s driveway, I notice in my rearview mirror, that something ran in front of my tire. I flung my seat belt off an swing my door open. As I approached the end of the car I realized something that made my blood run cold. There was a tiny bunny laying at the bottom of my tire. I felt my stomach turn and heart jump out my chest. What a coincidence right? Couldn’t mean anything. I walked slowly back to the front of the car, scratching my head still trying to figure out if what I just saw was real. I began to drive down the road in complete silence not saying anything.

“Are you okay?” Aliveya asked me noticing my unnatural behavior.

“Yeah I’m good. Just ah, little queasy. Nothing to worry about love.” I said grabbing her hand. I didn’t want her worrying about me. We rode the rest of the way with the music whispering out of the speakers.

When we finally approached to the school, we noticed a great big circle in the school parking lot.

“What the hell is going on?” Lulu questioned as she squinted her eyes and sat up in her seat. As we got closer we realized the circle was around MY parking spot. I felt a lump begin to form in my throat as I pulled into the A-420 spot I was assigned. I hesitated to switch the key off in the ignition.

“Why are there so many people around us? It’s freaking me out?”

“I don’t know love. You stay in here, I’ll get out first.” I said locking the doors on her side. I took a deep breath in and pulled the handle. Slowly I began to step out. Before I knew it I was being picked up and slammed onto the hood of my car with my eyes close.

“So you think you can beat my ass and actually get away with it? I don’t care if you’re a girl I will destroy you.” Someone said spitting all over my face. I slowly opened my eyes to glance at who my demolisher was.

…OH MY GOD… It was John Farmer. I didn’t understand, it didn’t really happen, so what was going on here? There’s no way this is real! My lie had turned into one-hundred percent truth.

“I’ll smash bunnies if I want to you dweeb!” He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and slammed me on the concrete. I felt every molecule of oxygen leave my body. I heard an ear piercing ring in my ears as everyone gathered around me. John leaned over me mouthing something but the ringing was so loud I couldn’t figure it out. My only reaction was to close my eyes and lay till help came.

“Baby? Are you okay?” I felt Aliveya’s soft hands gently shake me. I looked at her with a smile even though I had just made a fool of myself. She rested my head on her sweatshirt.

“Did that really happen?” I said so confused.

“Yeah what was that all about?” she asked me as I realized something amazing  just happened to me.

“Babe! I can’t believe that actually happened! Quickly in the car.” I jolted up off the asphalt and ran the the car.

“Listen, last night I told mom that I was late because I found a bunny in the the road and John came by and hurt it. Then I beat him up. So this morning when I got out of the car I saw a rabbit laying behind my car. THEN when we got to school John was waiting on me. Do you see what’s happening? I have, like, SUPER POWERS!”

“Ahah, now don’t get ahead of yourself dork.” Lulu said, giggling, not falling for it.

“No for real. Let’s see if it works. Quick, let’s figure a reason why we are late for school?…”

“If it makes you happy. Umm, I guess we could say there was an ice cream truck on fire and we went to help and there was a shark eating the man, A TERRORIST SHARK!”

“Oh my babe, that’s perfect.” I said chuckling. “Okay let’s try this out. Let me do the talking.”

We approached the two glass double doors into the main office. I approach the window where our school secretary was and lightly knocked on the glass.

“Hi, ma’am. We were late because we decided to save an ice cream man from a terrorist shark.” I smiled at Aliveya.

“Um, okay? 1st period.” She said as she handed us tardy slips.

“She didn’t even question us! That was slick.” Aliveya said joyful.

As we were about to depart from each other to walk into our freezing classrooms a loud National Emergency notice showed up across the schools TV’s.

“Attention all Americans. Be extremely cautious today. We have reports a hostile shark terrorist group has been sending widespread panic. Lock your doors, keep your children in, and for God’s sake look out for your ice cream man” I looked over at Aliveya, whose jaw had just dropped to the floor. I winked at her and walked into class. I had just discovered the most amazing and useful power ever.


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