Steve the student

This is a student named Steve,
He looks like he would believe,
That society was flawed and dumb,
And the chaos from its formation would eventually come,
Steve, he’s a cynic,
He would rather die than visit a clinic,
Not many people would dare approach,
They avoided him like he was a roach,
It was the same stuff day-in day-out,
He rather not fight the bout,
Of doing something about the matter,
It would just make his parents madder,
Then one day, whilst everyone was shunning,
A new student came through the school, looking stunning,
She was smart enough to ignore the hive mind,
So all the things that the others had a bad find,
She took to her own opinions and ignored public dessent,
Even about those who looked like they have taken the descent,
She had a certain charm about her,
That made happiness incur,
About those who found her acquaintance,
Even those who suffered from malingance,
Steve would hear all about this girl,
And for once, the news of a person didn’t make him want to hurl,
He began to acquire a cinder of hope,
That he wouldn’t have to endure more pain and mope,
But somewhere, surrounded with an ocean of dark,
He unfortunately still had the cynist’s mark,
These dark thoughts would plague his every waking moment,
Thanks to it, pain was evermovement,
“She isn’t that great” he said with an evil grimace,
His words attracted some sudden menace,
“You gotta be the worst, sad-sac?” some guy said,
Steve wanted to smack him up side the head,
“Hey, don’t judge a book by it’s cover…” a meek voice spoke,
Suddenly, Steve turned around, and there she was, within the distance of a poke,
“You gotta let the happy thoughts reign over the bad,” she advised,
And for once, Steve was surprised,
Then the bell rang, and everyone else flocked away,
Except for the two, and the teacher Mr. Flay,
They talked and talked, taking their conversation from the beginning for a while,
And, surprising, Steve walked away with a smile,
The very next day, he was suddenly very happy and gay,
And not in the way that modern interpretations of the word would presume,
For today was a nice day,
And his newfound friendship would resume,
Thus a transition was complete,
And Steve was no longer meek,
And despite everything,
The rhyme scheme towards the ending was ruined,
Oh, and Steve stopped being a cynical asshole, for most of the time, because he finally had a friend, a very kind one.

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