The Girl Next Door

closed glass window

I rolled over as the sunlight peered through my curtains and pried open my eyelids. I let out an exaggerated yawn and threw my arm over the lovely lady sleeping soundly next to me. I kissed her soft forehead. A smile crept from ear to ear.

“Good morning beautiful.” I said, with a morning grin, to my wonderful wife, Olive.

“Good morning Kelsy.” She replied with a roaring yawn. I chuckled at the cute little squeak at the end and sat up in bed.

“Some help, please, Love.”

“Of course dear.” Olive walked over to me, slipped her arms under mine and gently moved me into the cold empty wheelchair at the foot of the bed.

“Thank you, babe.” My voice disappeared as I wheeled into the kitchen.

“Mail’s here,” Olive said walking over to the door to collect the scattered envelopes on the floor. “Take this, it’s some more hospital bills.” I let out an aggravated sigh as she handed me the mail.

“Ya know, after me almost losing my life, ya think they would take it easy. Practically losing my legs should be a big enough price.” I tossed the bills on the table.

“Well I’m just glad you’re okay, my love. That accident was something else. There’s no way I’d get back in a vehicle if I were you.” Olive said with sympathy and care.

“Just a scratch my love, nothing to worry about.” I said giggling as I patted my cast covered legs.


Olive throws some salty bacon on the stove. The smell of the fatty delicacy and the crunchy pops made my mouth water.

“Here you go babe, now I’ve got to go to work,” She kissed me on the forehead. “Don’t hurt yourself while I’m gone, please.” She sat the plate of bacon and some orange juice on the table for me. “There’s pizza in the freezer. Hopefully that will be easy enough for you to make. I’ll be home at 5. I love you my sweets.” She blew me a kiss as she disappeared out the door.  The room filled with nothing but the crunch of each bite of bacon. I was so alone and so bored. What to do… T.V! I rolled into the living in search of the remote. I looked around for two minutes, the longest two minutes of my life. There was no way of finding it. What else could I do today to entertain myself. Hmmm. I bit my lip in concentration. “Internet!” I said aloud. I slid my laptop out from the stand.

*No internet access available at the moment. Please contact your provider*

Appeared on the top of the screen. “Dammit.” I grunted as I slammed the laptop onto the coffee table.

“Berk.” I jumped at the loud echoed bark.

“Oh Spike, you’re up! What’s my good boy doing, huh?” I scratch his ears as his tail wagged with happiness. He licked my face and bit down on the bottom seam of my shirt. My hands tightened around the handles as he dragged me into my room. Once we had gotten in there he stop and looked straight at my closest and began to bark. What is this dumb dog doing? I thought to myself. With a confused look on my face I opened the double doors. MY TELESCOPE! I had completely forgotten my dad bought it for me a few years back, but I never used it. What a perfect day to crack that baby out. It was like Spike heard my cry of distress. “I told you, you are my good pup.” I said petting his back. His tongue hung happily from his mouth. I wheeled the box of dismembered plastic over to my bedroom window. After twenty minutes of putting pieces where they don’t belong and chasing Spike around with bits of the telescope in his foam filled mouth. It was worth it. Throughout the day I watched ten different species of birds, two squirrels, and a beaver. As I sat in my chair glancing at the wonders of nature, I noticed something in the corner of my eye. The next door neighbor lady, Stephanie Lugo, a middle aged British women with extremely big teeth, was dragging an abnormally large trash bag. Me being the curious cat that I am, I continued to watch. She struggled, kicked, slapped, and tossed the bag through her front door. Her face seemed suspiciously alert. Looking side to side frequently and flinching at every little sound. There was definitely something up. I continued to inspect my inquisitive friend. She reached the living area. She sat the mysterious bag on her decorated rug. She began to roll the unknown object like a furry burrito. Lugo, struggling, picked the rug up and over her shoulder. She entered a dark room with a dark, red-stained door. Fifteen minutes went by and and Lugo still had not came out.


I took advantage of this time to scurry to the bathroom from a quick pee break. I didn’t want to miss anything. When I reached the window again I realized there were no lights on in the house and the blue Prius was not in its usual spot in front of the garage. Fresh tire marks printed in the dirt, disappeared as they reached the paved road.

“Damn, I took too long!” Hitting the window in anger. I sat furiously in silence. Suddenly I heard the creek of the door. I grabbed the closest hard object, a lamp. I slowly opened my bedroom door. I looked to my right, before looking to my left I felt a cold hand rest on my shoulder. I jolted from fright and raised the lamp.


“Oh my! I’m so sorry, I thought you were someone trying to kill me.” I said as my voice quaked.

“Now who in the world would ever do such a thing.” She chuckled at my “ridiculous” remark.

“The neighbor, Stephanie!” Olive laughed at the statement so hard her eyes started to tear up. “She wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“That’s what you think. Babe listen I’ve been sitting in our room watching her all da-.”

“You were watching our neighbor? From our room? That’s very sketchy love.” She interrupted me as her eyebrows raised.

“I wasn’t watching her at first. I was looking at trees and animals. But then I saw her dragging in a body!”

“You saw her with a dead body?” Her voice quivered.

“Well, no, but it was a big bag in the shape of a body. THEN she wrapped it up in a carpet. I’m telling you she’s killing people!”

“You’re something else my love.” She laughed it off like I was some crazy person. I was not going to let this go. I angrily wheeled myself into the bedroom. As I reached the window, I saw something that blew my mind. Lugo had her back turned to the window. She seemed to be writing this in a little note pad. I began to look closer at what I thought was just a red wall. I grabbed my telescope. It was not red paint I had been looking at. It was millions of red pins and rope leading to one person to another. It was like a scene out of serial killer movie. It made my blood run cold.

“OLIVE GET IN HERE NOW! QUICKLY!” I yelled without taking my eyes off horrific scene.

“What is it love?” As she stepped foot in the room, Lugo shut her lights off showing nothing but a empty, dark room. “What am I supposed to be looking at?” She said scratching her head giving me a look as if I were crazy.

“Right there. In that black room I just saw Stephanie with lots of pins and there were ropes and faces and scary things. Just serial killer things ya know?!” I had sweat glistening on my brows as my hair laid disheveled.

“Okay love, you look like the crazy one.” She giggled. “Steph is nothing but a harmless women and you’re just probably having a misunderstanding.” She patted my back and kissed my forehead as she pushed my hair back in place. “Now, Miss detective, what would you like for dinner?”

“Whatever you want love, but I. I, will have justice.” I raised my fist in a vow to figure this mystery out. Olive chuckled and walked out into the kitchen.

“LOVE, COME BACK! SHE’S BACK!” The moment Olive reached the kitchen, the devian flipped her lights back on, almost as if she wanted her to think I’m crazy.

“I’m not coming back in there if I’m just looking at an empty room.”

“No there’s really something here!” At that moment it was like Lugo could hear me calling her. She turned to me. Glared at me with devilish eyes and clicked the light out.

“This better be good Kelsy.” Olive said rolling her eyes as she entered the room.

“I swear she was right there! How?” I smashed my fist on the glass window.

“Hun, I think you should get some rest.” She kissed me on the forehead and walked back out to the kitchen. I let out an exhausted sigh as I wheeled over to my bed. “I will get her to believe me.” I said to myself. “Just how?” I lay in my bed all night as my thoughts raced, thinking of how to catch this menace and expose her.


I jumped with fright as my alarm rang by my ear. I felt my heart pound through my chest.

“Are you okay dear?” Olive said in a groggy voice.

“Yeah, fine.” I was lying but I did not want to bother her with  “non sense”. I spent the day rolling around with the eerie feeling of someone watching me. I went from the living room, passing the bedroom, heading towards the kitchen when a cold breeze crept up the back of my neck. I slowly wheeled back to the doorway. It couldn’t be! My white silk curtains drifted with the breeze. The window was open. The feeling of being watched grew stronger. My heart began to leap out of my throat. I slowly turn towards the hallway. At the end, standing lifeless, was a black figure holding a brown napsack that seemed to be dripping on the stained oak floor.

“Good thing I wore my brown pants.” I said before my blood curdling scream filled the neighborhood. Moments later I heard a knock at the door. When I looked back in the spot the figure was standing it had vanished. My skin became cold and pale. Rolling over to the door, I began to feel weak and weary, “Come in.” I said faintly before passing out.


Regaining consciousness, I peered through my eyelids to discover people circled around me.

“Are you okay?” One fuzzy figure said to me.

“Who’s here?” I said rubbing my eyes focusing my vision.

“Everyone,” A cute voice said behind me. It was Olive. “They called me saying they heard a scream from the house so I came straight home. Mrs. Steph was the one to call me. Mr. Jack and Jason came over and found you on the floor, out of your hair, knocked out.” She said giggling as I focused on the thought of this phyco in my home!

“She’s in our house?” I look over at Lugo in the distant corner, pointing and yelling “Get the hell out of my house you killer. I know you were in here earlier holding some kind of, of, of thing! It looked scary and sinister!”

“What?” Lugo look confused, “I’m not too sure what you are talking about ma’am?”

“Don’t you lie to these people. You know, I know, what you know I saw.”

“Okay! Okay this is a little far!” Olive and Jason grabbed my arms pulling me back.

‘’She’s a killer! I know it!” I starred in her soulless eyes, at that moment, I could have sworn she smiled, like she wanted everyone to think I’m crazy.

“Before leaving here, we are going to sit down and talk. To prove to you, dear, that this woman is just our sweet neighbor.” She wheeled me to the kitchen table as Lugo pulled the chair out from the other end. “I’ll be one second.” Olive walked our other two friends out the room to show them the door. As Olive and the other left the room Lugo’s expression changed. “I’m going to make you go insane. I’m not going to stop till I’m stuck in your head, and no one will ever believe you. You stupid little– Hi Olive, would you be a dear and grab me a glass of water?” I swallowed a hard lump in my throat. I’ve never felt more scared in my life. What was this lady’s problem?

“I know what you are doing. My wife loves me and would never believe you over me.” I stared at her.

“Oh is that so? Let’s see about that.” She gave me a sinister smile as she smashed her head off the dinning table. As she rose her head, her mouth was bloody and lip split open.

“OW! What the hell, you monster!” Lugo yelled as she stared me down from the other end. Olive bolted into the room.

“What happened? What did you do Kelsy?” She grabbed a rag and held it up to Lugo’s face.

“Me? I’m all the way over here in a wheelchair, how would I ever?”

“This behavior isn’t like you what is wrong with you!”

“She’s what’s wrong with me! She’s trying to kill me and you can’t even see it!”

“Okay, well you guys seem to be having some rough times. I’m fine. I’m just going to go home and let you guys talk it out. Thank you Mrs. Olive for inviting me into your lovely home. Kelsy. Bye.” As she lunged for the door and swung it open, Spike was waiting on the other side. He jumped to her chest, knocking her to the ground and barking inches from her face. Launching spit and foam everywhere.

“Get off of me! Get off you dumb mutt!” Lugo stretched as she tried pushing the massive pup off.

“Spike down! Now!” I ordered. Lugo jumped up and angrily wiped off her face.

“I’m going home. Getting away from you crazy ass people.” As she stepped out the door into the darkness she tripped over what looked like  large trash bag. “Oh no.” She mumbled under her breath.

“I got you now slick.” I said, chuckling, to Lugo who was face first in the dirt. Spike barked and started tearing at the plastic. As it began to rip an awful smell began to lingerie.

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