A Life Lived

     John Smith was a man from New York. He grew up in the city, and rarely ever communicated with others. He played no sports, and preferred to stay inside and read books alone. At lunch he would sit by himself and read. He would only talk if spoken to.


    Eventually, John graduated from high school. He got a basic office job at a publishing company just 15 minutes from his parents’ home. Everyday he did the same 9-5 shift and accomplished the same tasks. Despite his work ethic, he never asked for a promotion. He never made friends with any co-workers. He never got married and had no kids.


Despite his stable finances, John never moved out from his parents’ house. He stayed faithful to the same company for 40 years. It was him and his books. All the characters were his friends. He never bought a computer, and only used his flip phone so that he could keep in contact with his parents and his boss. The only news John ever knew was what was featured in his local newspaper.


As John aged, he saw many changes happen around him. Technology was evolving. Cars were now hovering above the streets, running on nothing but air and electricity. But John was never interested in these things. People were wearing different styles of clothes, but John still wore his old-fashioned suit and tie. John never felt the need to invest in any new gadgets or gizmos. As long as he could take the same route, ride the same metro, and work the same job the same way, he was content.


One day John Smith fell ill, and was admitted to the hospital. He passed away, alone, with nobody there to set up his funeral, or to set up his burial. John never experienced love, joy, or sorrow. He spent his life laying on a balance beam, never taking the chance of standing up. That was John’s life.

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