Josh Meyer

Josh Meyer, he will never be forgotten, in the small town of Springs Side Minnesota.

The year is 2005 in July. The Meyer kids are swimming in their inflated pool, while their parents are cleaning, getting ready for their evening BBQ. While all seems perfect for the Meyer family, one of the Meyer kids is pure trouble. Josh Meyer, age 8. He seems like a typical, loud and annoying child like every other troubled kid, however that’s not the case for this boy. Most little boys will play with their toys, play soccer and play with other kids close to their age group. Josh is different. He sneaks out to smoke cigarettes with his 23 year old neighbor, Chris. Chris recently moved next to the Meyer family. Josh’s parents don’t like Chris, they think he’s immature and a bad influence, the kids are not allowed to go anywhere near him. Evidently Josh has a different view on Chris. As the kids are still swimming, and the parents are still cleaning, Josh is upstairs in his room. Two nights ago he tore up his little sisters doll baby, he is now grounded for the rest of the week. He is supposed to be cleaning his room, instead,  he’s waiting for Chris to arrive from work so he could sneak over to have a smoke. It is seeming like a forever wait, Chris’s car finally pulls into his driveway. Covered in new tatoos, wearing his mussle shirt, he steps out of his car and looks up towards Josh’s bedroom window. He signals Josh to come over and walks in the house. Josh climbs down from the roof of his window and follows Chris into his house.

“What did ya do this time for your old folks to ground ya? Did they catch ya stealing beer again?” Chris asked as he grabbed two beers out of the fridge, handing one to Josh.

“Na man, I’m trynna keep it cool. My bitchy sister went in my room when I wasn’t home, because she couldn’t follow my rules, I tore her doll to shreds and put the pieces on her pillow.” Josh replied, drinking the beer.

Chris sat down by Josh and gave him a weird look.

“What is it homie?” Josh asked.

“Your parents man, punishing you for no damn reason. Come with me little man, I’ve got some good stuff for ya.”

Josh put down his beer and followed Chris into the basement. The basement was filled with smoke, broken glass bottles surrounded the floor, you could hear them breaking even more as they walked downstairs.

“What is the man? Why’d you bring me here?” Josh asked, looking confused.

“C’mon now dude, don’t be like that. You gotta trust me.” Chris heistates. “Sit down on the chair and hold your arm out. I’m gonna tie a band above your vein, this may hurt, but it’ll make you feel great afterwards. You good man?”

Josh sits down on the chair and does what Chris told him to do. Pulling out a needle, Chris sticks it into Josh’s arm.

“Ouch man! What the…Oh, wow, this is great! What’s happening? I feel so, so relieved.”

Chris smirks.

“Yeah dude, that’s the point.” He laughs. “Stay here okay, enjoy.”


—–12 Years Later—-

November 23, 2017. Beer clinking, men cheering and chugging. Pool table, loud music and girls dancing. Josh is having the time of his life, except the fact every girl in the bar rejected him, multiple times. One of his buddies walks in looking angry. He spots Josh beside the bar and walks up to him.

“Yo Josh!”

Daniel Cooder, his gang calls him Danny. He smells like he smokes 5 packs a day.

“Where the hell is my money dude? I had in my room before I left this morning, now it’s gone. You were the only one in the house, unless you brought another skank home. So tell me, where is it, or I’ll call up Brian, and things will get real messy pretty boy.”

“Relax Danny, calm down. I don’t have your precious greens. I never made it home last night, my sister needed me. I let Bobby stay, he’s probably the one you saw. I know you don’t like Bobby, so here.” Josh handed him a piece of paper.

“What the hell is this, a tissue or something?” Danny asked confused.

“It’s Bobby’s number, hit him up. Just, when you meet up with him, aim for his left leg, and only his leg, or else he ain’t the only one with trouble coming. The damn kid needs to start respecting us around here if he wants to join the gang. Oh, and Brian? Really? I’m in charge, he’s not. Maybe next tiime, check before you speak, or things will get messy for you, pretty boy.”

Danny choked. He slowly took the piece of paper and left the bar.

“Want me to call a cab?” The bartender asked Josh.

“No man, I’m good, I’m walking.”

“Awe, too soon? I just got here.” A girl came up beside Josh.

“Eve? What are you doing here, I was going to meet you in the alley.” Josh was surprised.

“I know Josh, but I can’t wait any longer, so tell me, am I in?” Eve’s face was full of excitement. She bit her lip to force herself from smiling.

“Yes, yes Eve, you’re in. But first, go to the address I’m about to text you, we’ll test how serious you are.” Josh got up and left, smiling back at Eve as he walks away from her.


Meanwhile, Eve showed up to the address. She notices two black vans parked in front, and a sign above the gate, saying “Don’t let the world fool you no more, sit back, relax, and enjoy the real world here.” Four guys come out of the house and approaches Eve, three of them stood behind their co-leader, Brian.

“Are you Eve Parkenson?” Brian asked.

“Y-yes. Josh sent me.” She responded.

Billy smirked, turning his head towards the other men laughing.

“Well, Josh sure does know how score a goal, but can he score the winning goal?” Brian laughed.

“I already have. Now, let her in Brian, quit messing around. Come Eve, follow me.” Josh interrupted.

Eve followed Josh into the house. As soon as she walked in, her lungs were already filled with smoke, which covered the air. Josh took her to the basement, the same basement Chris took Josh when he was young.

“Sit down Eve.” Josh pulled a needle from the table in front of her.

“What is that Josh?” Eve looked nervous.

“This is what you wanted, right? To be free from the rest of the foolish world. You told me you understood completely, and you were ready. This is your ticket to freedom. This world isn’t real, it’s fake, you should know. The reason why there are so many laws, and why this is illegal, is because they are hiding the truth. They are hiding what is real in this world, and making us believe the world we live in is real, when it’s not. This needle, what’s inside this needle, is what’s real. I’m going to ask you one last time, are you ready?” Josh held the needle against Eve’s vein.

“I’m ready.” She responded.

Josh smirked and stuck the needle into her vein. Eve quickly screams out of pain, but shortly begins to calm down. Josh moved Eve over to the couch so she wouldn’t fall. Shortly after, he began to have more people show, so they could escape as well. By the end of the night, he had 45 people high in his basment, 12 of which died from overdose. The police show up around 3 in the morning, and finds Josh in his basement with all the other people with him.

“Josh Meyers, you’re under arrest for illegal activity, and the cause of 12 people.” One of the officers walked towards Josh.

“Wait! Not so fast officer. This isn’t real, this is fake. You can’t make a fool out of me.” Josh screams. He walks towards the table of needles and takes 3. He sticks them all in his arm, and falls on the ground. The police rush over, but it’s too late. Josh Meyers, responsible for illegal activity and the death of 12 minors, quickly died from an overdose. The other 32 people in his basement were taken to jail, except one. Eve Parkenson. She escaped, and continued Josh’s cult. She is now the most wanted criminal in the town of Springs Side Minnesota for having 76 minors killed from overdoes.

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