A Crappy Situation

“1… 2… 3… ahhhhhhh!” I exclaimed while attempting to do a backflip on my trampoline. As I sporadically jump around, my bare feet hit the hot, black, stretchy material on the trampoline. Coming down from my last jump I lost my footing and landed on my bottom, I turn my head to see what is producing the movement traveling across the canvas, oh shit, of course it’s those little devils. My sisters climb up and began to bounce me around, chanting “Crack the egg!” until I reluctantly give in to their childish games. The sun was beaming down on us as we hopped, squirmed, and giggled for at least thirty minutes. After being extremely exhausted from the hard work that comes from playing with small hyper children, we go inside to get a quick sip of water. We all three race up the stairs to the front door, swinging it wide open and sprinting through the threshold toppling over top one another. It was significantly cooler inside, and it was somewhat refreshing to feel the sweat drip from my body, cooling it immediately.

Several minutes had passed and I began to fill up a pot of water to put onto the stove for mac-n-cheese. My sister comes up behind me and says in the most angelic voice, “Hyn, can we please walk down to the river?” 

“I don’t know.” I reply, contemplating the thought.

“Please Hynnja?”

“Okay okay, just let me finish this mac so we can eat before we head on down.”

After we finished eating, I changed into my bathing suit and got a towel from the bathroom cupboard. We started towards the river, only about a seven minute walk. As my sisters and I get closer to the river, they take off running down the hill; I follow. At first, I feel the smooth sand, then as I descend to the bottom, I feel the rough, rugged rocks upon my feet. First, Ky jumps into the water, then Ozz.

The water felt great. Well, until it got to about my belly button. Once we all dunked into the water we swam to the other side to climb onto a tree and jump off, or if you prefer, you could swing off the rope that hangs over the water. Jumping into the water gives you such an adrenaline rush, it’s quite addicting. My little sisters aren’t scared of many things so it makes doing exciting things easier. 

We jumped two or three times then swam back to the middle of the river. Minutes later Kyleigh tells me she has to use the bathroom; I just told her to use it in the river. She took her swim bottoms off and squated into the water. I found that quite awkward; I never saw her do that to just pee. 

  “Ew Ky, that’s disgusting!” I hear Rozz yell. I turn my head to look and see what all the commotion is about. 

“Kyleigh, what the hell are you doing?!” I exclaim as I see her bare butt with a turd hanging out of it. 

“I told you I had to use the bathroom.”

“Well, I thought you meant you just had to pee!”

I let her continue her business. Then she shrieks as if someone was trying to kill her. 

“Hynnja it won’t come off! Help!”

“Kyleigh, I am not touching your shit.”

“I really need help! I don’t know how to get it off.” 

I swam towards her in the shallow water and stood beside her, I didn’t want to touch her poop of course, so I began pushing water towards her rear end, and I successfully dislodged the poop. I was trying with everything I had to keep a straight face, but failed miserably and busted out into my loud, obnoxious, annoying laugh that seemed to be contagious because then my little sisters began to laugh as well. We watched as the turd floated down the river, bobbing up and down, getting smaller and smaller as it floated away. My youngest sister, Ozz, shouted to the turd just before it exited our eyesight, “Bye poop!”

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