Mr. Werwood

Resse breedan sat down in front of Ned Werwood, his interviewer, in his office. 

 What does that sign say? I should’ve brought my glasses. 

He squints his eyes to try and focus on what the sign on the wall says.

‘Your mind speaks a million words left unsaid’ that’s not a very good slogan. Ned  looks very professional. Other than all the animal hair on his black suit. I mean I guess you can’t fault him, he’s covered in a layer of fur. No wonder it’s like below freezing in here. Oh no, I forgot his name already…

 Reese looked up and noticed Mr.Werwood writing very vigorously on several papers. He saw his name on a few of the headers.

Oookay, we practiced this. Deep breath in, let it all go. This’ll be a breeze. Why hasn’t he said anything? Do I say something first?

“Hello, how are you?”

Werwood nodded his head and said very quickly, “good, thanks”

Well. this isn’t exactly what I expected. thought his horns would be bigger, but I mean, I guess they don’t really use their horns very often. I wonder what happened to his ear. Looks like someone took a whole chunk out of it. Ha, imagine taking a whole chunk out of-

So, Reese Breeden? Right?”

“Uh yes, thats me.” 

Mr.Werwood picked his papers up and tapped them on his desk, putting them in a  neat stack.

“Alright, so take a moment and think. What do you have to offer that the other 67 people who applied don’t? 45 second on the clock, think.”

What the hell? This wasn’t on the application. I don’t know what I have. I know I don’t have tiny horns.

 Reese accidentally smiles.

 I need an answer. I’m strong, fast, quick thinker. Im very focused and organized. I think I’ll go with those. Focused, and organized. Im focused, and organi-

“Alright, times up, whatcha got?”

“I’ve been told I’m very focused and organized; I get work done fast and I’d be more than willing to help others if anyone ever needs it.”

He smirks, “good answer, I like it. Okay, so why did you leave your last job?”

Psh, not like it was my choice. I was fired. Way to remind me. I did move though…

“Well, I moved. I was tired of being so far away from everything. Being so far away from town, surrounded by fields and crops. It’s such a slow way of living. The city flows at a faster pace, it works better for me. I’m a fast, with the flow kind of  worker. The city represents me.” 

Ned writes down some things on his stack of papers and nods. 

I’m killing this. There’s absolutely no way I’m not getting hired. Look at him, smiling. What an idiot. $27.42 an hour here I come. Name brand groceries are calling my name. I can-

“Well, reese, I think this concludes the interview. I don’t think you suit the position. Thank you for your time, though.” 

As he sits across from him, Reese notices Mr.Worwood put a red stamp on his name, and on the top of the stack of papers:

Thinks my horns are too tiny. Denied.

What? I never said that out loud. Did I? 

At this point the creature who interviewed Reese was standing and facing away from him, toward his desk.

“Excuse me, uh,-”

“Mr. Werwood.” 

He did not face Reese, but he perked the ear that was missing a piece in his direction.

“Erm- yes, excuse me, Mr.Werwood?”

“What can I help you with, Mr.Breeden?”

“I’m just a little curious, did I ever say anything that offended you?”

He sneered and turned to reese. 

“Look, obviously you didn’t do any research on me or my company. We’re professional here. We dress professional, we act professional, and most importantly, we think professional, Mr.Breedan.” 

He broke eye contact to span his eyes down Reese’s outfit and back up to his eyes.

“The dressing part isn’t where your issue is. I mean, blue suit wouldn’t be my first move for an interview, but to each their own,” 

He shook his head and snickered as he turned back toward his desk.

“Anyways, Reese- can I call you Reese? Ha, well I guess it doesn’t matter considering I won’t have to deal with you after this. Reese, if you would have taken even a second to see what you were walking into today, you would know I can read minds. That’s the entire reason that this- and let me remind you, Reese, this is a company that writes magazine articles- that’s the reason we are successful. We’re all about research. We’re all about interviews.”

Reese stood, mouth open, wordless. Ironically, his mind was blank. 

Mr.Werwood scoffed. “Nothing? Okay well, as I said before, thank you for your time and energy. Hope you have better luck somewhere else. Hopefully, for you, somewhere where they can’t hear your thoughts.”

Reese took one last look around the room as he was leaving. He spotted the sign on the wall.

Your mind speaks a million words left unsaid.’

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