“I don’t want to do this!” I say in a harsh whisper.

“Well you have to.”  

“Well why?” I say. 

“We’ve been through this, Angel.” 

“Can we go over it just one more time?” I try. Knowing that by now I’m annoying him. 

“Now you’re just stalling,” He says rolling his eyes. I feel the package in my pocket and the feel of it burns my fingers. 

“Now let’s go!” He hisses at me, making me jump. I walk out of the closet I was hiding in and casually blend into the flow of the blood pounding music of the club. 

“Well, maybe if you weren’t such an asshole.” I mumble

“I’m still here.” he responds from somewhere near me. 

“ Oh, well I wasn’t talking about you.” I say dodging an obviously very drunk, half naked blonde. 

“And maybe if you weren’t so scared all the time.” he shoots back. I roll my eyes. I spot our target and I stop mid step then go the opposite direction. 

“What the hell are you doing!” I ignore him and keep walking. 

“You’re going to get us killed, kid,” he continues as I continue to walk directly away from where I’m supposed to be. I bust out the heavy doors into the fresh air of a warm fall day. 

“I just couldn’t go through with it.. I just couldn’t.” My voice catches. He stays quiet. Probably because he knew I wouldn’t be able to kill him.

“Are you going to say a damn thing?” I ask, now getting frustrated from his silence.  

“Well, what do you want me to say?” he finally responds after a moment of pure, deadly, awkward silence. I think for a second, because I honestly don’t know what exactly I want from him.

“Something bro. Literally anything.” I finally respond. 

“ I mean, I’m not surprised in the slightest.” 

“Excuse me?” I heard him loud and clear, but I want his help to clarify what he really meant. 

“You know what I said and you certainly know what I meant,” he responds with an emotionless voice.

“You’re an asshole!” I state a little too loud.

“ Oh?” he responds. Somebody stumbles out of the club.

“Yes you are. The biggest one ever,” I say in a hushed whisper. The person who stumbled out gives me a strange look and I shoot a death glare back. I sit on the curb and bury my face in my hands. 

“I didn’t mean to upset you.” he says softly, but I don’t respond. 

“Look Angel, I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do.” he tries again. I suddenly jolt up and fast walk to the club enteryway. I take a deep breath and bust through the entryway and walk into the stuffy club. 

“Don’t do anything stupid Angel! Our lives depend on it! he says sternly. But I ignore him and walk faster. I see my father, the man we need to kill, and I walk directly to him even though my heart is in my throat. He sees me, looks surprised, and then raises his hand to wave. When I don’t wave back, he looks confused. I grab the package out of my pocket and unwrap it. I avoid eye contact because I know I won’t be able to do it if I see him. By now I think he realizes that I wasn’t dropping in to just say hello. He taps the person next to him and whispers something in his ear. The guy stands up and he’s about 7 feet tall! I try to swallow my worry. 

“If we’re high tailing it there we need to actually do it.” he says to me. 

“I am, I am.” I say under my breath. 

“Hey dad.” I say when I’m close enough I know he can hear me.

“Angel?” he replies. I pull out the package known as the death powder. My dads security person must have noticed that it wasn’t something endearing and before I can react he scoops my arms back and painfully keeps them locked so I couldn’t move. 

“Well this didn’t go as expected,” he says. 

“Well obviously,” I reply with an eye roll.

“Who are you talking to? Actually scratch that. What the hell is this?” he says while picking up the reddish powder still in its zip lock bag. I start struggling against the mans hold and  I gasp in pain when it only intensifies, sending fire up my arms. 

“Stop struggling or he’ll break your arms!” my father says, anger entering his eyes. My whole body flinches. 

“Now explain yourself!” my father screams. Tears surface to my eyes.

“YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!” I scream. My father takes a step back like I actually hit him.

“Shut your damn mouth,” he says while squeezing my face in a painful manner. 

“NO! I’ve been talking to him.. My brother… the one you killed!” I shout.

“What do you mean talking to him?” my father asks quizzically. 

“First he came in my dreams, and now I hear him! You guys didn’t even give him a name! Mother had to hide him from you. You’re an evil animal!” I spit at him. He slaps me once then once again. The pain is so intense and my vision blurs.

“Get out of here Angel!” I hear my brother say in the back of my head. My breathing starts to intensify and my father punches me, and I feel a warm liquid run down my face. I can’t determine if it’s blood or tears.

“Angel, stay with me please. If you die, I die. Please.” I hear my brother pleading. I’m trying to keep my eyes open, but my father is punching me repeatedly. 

“You’re my angel, big brother.” I say as my eyes close and darkness encloses me. 

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