Straight to the Heart by Savannah Fox

I wake up and glance over at him, such a beautiful soul who never fails to make me the happiest I can be. I glance around. He’s got that stupid fan facing the bed, as he always does, even when he knows I hate that thing being on.

“Babe,” I say as I carry out the ending of it. “Wake up, I am bored.” 

He continues to lay there sleeping, as if he can’t hear me.

“Fine, be that way I just won’t talk to you.” I say in a sassy voice. I slowly started to get up quietly when all of a sudden he jumps up in front of me and pins my arms to the bed.

“We have a lot to do today love, but since you decided to wake me up early and turn my fan off, I guess we just won’t be doing anything I have planned for today little miss sassy pants,” he said with that crazy adorable side grin that gets me every time.

“Nooo!! I wasn’t being that sassy. I just wanted your attention and for you to wake up, honey!” I exclaimed cheerfully.  

“Well, I am up now!” he jumps up.

“Okay, well, where do you want to eat?” Nick asked the question same as always. 

“I don’t know,” I started the typical girlfriend answer, “wherever you want.”

“How about pizza?” he asked with an earnest grin. 

“Ehh, I don’t really like pizza,” I laughed. We could never agree on restaurants. Nick always gave me his ideas, and I shot them down until he was frustrated. It wasn’t something that I did on purpose, but we could almost never agree on a restaurant without first running through a dozen disagreeable options. 

“How about Pan..” 

“Don’t you dare say it.” he grinned

“PANERA BREAD!” I exclaimed loud and cheerfully. 

“Haha. Fine fine, you win, let’s go” he sighed.

Doesn’t matter what he wants to eat or what he wants to do, he always changes his mind when he knows I’m really craving something. We get to Panera Bread, and we both eat the same things, which make life so much easier when it comes to buying food for the both of us. 

“You know, I’m honestly so glad I met you. You’ve made life better since that day.” He says as he looks up from his food grabbing his chest in pain. 

“Is your chest hurting you again?” I asked.

“Yes, but it’ll be alright, I’m alright. 

I’m always constantly worrying. Worrying about if it’s more than what he makes it out to be, always worried if something more is going to happen to him due to all these problems. Some nights I can’t even sleep because I am terrified of waking up and him being gone because of something happening to him from his chest. He never tells me when it becomes a bother to him; he knows it scares me, and he knows it makes me upset. It became a problem to me since this is a constant recurrence happening to him and yet he refuses to see the doctor. Claims it’s just chest pains, it’ll go away, and he will be alright. None of this will be alright.

I refuse to lose the love of my life due to a problem that can be solved if he’d stop being stubborn for a solid five seconds and just go get a professional opinion. 

After lunch, we go back to the house. We’re supposed to be taking our dog Stella on a walk, then a picnic on the way in a random person’s field; Feeling the rush of excitement ran through my body leaving tingles down my spine as he ran his hands through my hair and down my arms. This is where I feel safe, this is what the feeling of being home is. And I don’t want it any other way. 

“Promise me you’re not going anywhere,” I questioned him in a low voice, he could hear the nervousness in my words.

“Honey, you know I wouldn’t ever plan on going anywhere that you couldn’t. I’m never going to leave you stranded, never going to leave you to fend for your own. I honestly swear to you all that, I’ve never found love like this. I never want to love anyone else, just you princess, only you.” he said, wearing that breathtaking smirk of his. 

As I lay on his chest, I keep hearing the irregular heartbeat. It slowly starts to fade, his heart slows down, and the strokes from his hands through my hair slowly start to decrease. 

“Baby, stop messing around you goofball” I exclaimed in a voice with laughter. 

He didn’t respond, at that moment my heart started racing. I could hear the beating of my heart. It sounded on the verge of popping out of my chest. 

“Okay baby, stop. You know I hate when you do this.”

His face grew cold and his chest continued to be frozen in time. 

“No no no, Nick please. Please wake up and look at me. What is wrong?”

My heart stopped. Everything stopped for a split second, but it felt like decades that I sat there frozen. Him, the love of my life lay there cold and non responsive. 

I grab my phone and immediately call 911. The wait for them was awful; I almost thought they weren’t coming. 

I took a deep breath in and waited to hear the sirens get closer, I just sat there and screamed telling them to hurry. 

I closed my eyes once more and heard someone say, “Savannah wake up, you’re all done now.” the technician said.

“Nick! Where’s Nick!?” I exclaimed loudly

“Right here baby, calm down it wasn’t real,” he said with a smirk.

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