Lifeless. By Savannah Fox

I like this house. It’s one of my favorites on 3rd street. The carpet feels soft on my feet when I go in there. I can hear Becky, age 16, laughing just on the other side of the door of Sam’s bedroom. She doesn’t know I’ve been here before. And the other sound of laughter, it’s coming from my other favorite girl. Sam age 17, long blonde hair. She smells amazing, so good that sometimes at night when I miss her and miss the warmth coming from her body, the smell of roses coming from her skin, I feel a different type of way. I’ll go into her house, I walk through the door to the kitchen, grab myself something to eat, then I sprawl out on her couch, it’s all white with a neatly folded blanket over the end. She has a mom but no dad, he walked out on them before she was born. Maybe I could fill in that spot. I wish I could, but the feeling I have for her is a different type of feeling. She may be 17, and I may be 56, but nothing is stopping me from getting what I want. Not even her. She’ll know me soon. 

And as for Becky she is best friends with Sam since basically birth, people claim them to be sisters because they act so much alike. Their both skinny with long hair except Becky’s hair is a deep black. Becky lives right across the street from Sam but they both basically live together for they are always together. Becky’s mom and dad are both higher up rich snobs. Both work for a real estate agency that pays good money. They both are the oldest of the bunch. Sam has a little brother named George, now for Becky she has what would’ve been a 7 year old sister who died in a car accident about 6 years back. She was about 1 when the car spun out of control going down Highway 81 North bound on the slick ice. I know everything about these girls. Sad part is they don’t even know who I am. I will make sure that they know soon. 

I continue to stand outside the doorway of Sam’s bedroom, their laughter turns me on. I want nothing but them. But not just yet. The walls are so bright, kinda like a sky blue, but not really that light. Right down the hall there is a door on the right that’s Sam’s own personal bathroom. I like to look at myself in her mirror, sometimes I even take her toothbrush and run my tongue down it after she’s done with it at night. I like to have her saliva in my mouth. Becky leaves her clothes on the floor after she showers every night. She likes to keep her pile separated from Sam’s because they’re both girls who like to dress pretty and get all the boys’ attention. They sure do get mine. The smell of her dirty clothes drives me insane, she smells like the fall time- it’s perfect. I look down at my watch and it’s 9:30 her mom should be home by now. Her name is Britt. Monday through Friday she works 12-9, Saturday she works a 7-3, then Sundays she has the day off. I walk back down the hall to Sam’s room. It seems as if the girls may be sleeping. 

I leave the bedroom to go back downstairs and out the door to wait for the right moment to go back in so I can set up the cameras so I never miss a moment with these two. I walk out into the grass, still barefoot because I like to have the feelings of things on my skin. “Britt is home” I said in a low tone 

 I ran around to the other side of the house, the side of the house that Sam’s room is on. Both lights are off in the bedroom, I will head home for now and be back tomorrow night. But since the girls are both in school, I am going to set up the cameras and get ready for the weekend. My home is a couple blocks down, down a long path that you have to walk, no cars are small enough to fit through. I always keep all the lights off, and I have a cat that thinned down to nothing but bone laying dead on my porch. I like to keep it laying there it seems to make people think that my house is vacant, and it makes me feel powerful. 

The night goes by so fast. I stay awake so I can be alert and ready for anything to happen. I’ve been designing the only room in the house to look exactly like theirs everything down to the smallest detail. I want them to feel at home once I bring them here to stay with me. 

As I began to head out to their house, I grab my pocket knife and all the cameras and microphones gently laying them in my bag. An hour later I arrive at their house. Becky’s room is on the bottom floor, second door on the right when you pass through the kitchen. All of her stuff was piled in boxes and her bed was torn apart she is in the process of moving in with Sam, I place a camera in the bathroom on her shelf, next is Sam’s room, upstairs down the hall. I slowly open the door it had creaked louder than it had before, I make it a couple steps into the bedroom when I feel like I heard the sound of footsteps walking up the stairs. 

I run and hide in the closet, Sam comes around the corner and says, “Mom, are you home already? Are you sick or something?” 

“Mom, hello?” she starts to raise her voice. “Rusel come here boy!” she hollers at the dog.

I can hear the sound of the dogs breath underneath the door huffing and puffing, he knows I’m here. 

“Rusel come here there’s nothing in there boy” she comes closer to the closet and I have to think fast.

“Look I’ll show you that there isn’t anything to be barking at” she said

I hear her begin to move the door slowly I see the light rays coming from the window, hitting my skin. I’m not ready for her to meet me, wait no not yet. As she moves the door further back I tried to hide myself behind one of the jackets, she opens the door fully but nothing was said. I heard her footsteps backing up slowly, her dog started to grumble.

“Did she see me?” I mumbled to myself.

I looked through the jackets I had been standing behind, her mouth was wide open, her face pale, she looked like a deer in headlights.

I had no choice but to run after her, I grabbed a bat the had been wedged behind me in the closet, she screamed and I heard her running faster her steps had gotten heavier as she ran the stairs. She started screaming and rushing towards the door, my heavy footsteps followed behind her, I could feel her fear.

“Somebody please help me!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

I ran up behind her holding the bat back and took my shot; I hit her right in the back of her head. She dropped to the ground, I had to hurry and get her out of plain sight, I grabbed her by her feet and drug her to the back side of the house, leaving a blood trail from her head as I pulled her unconscious body. 

This wasn’t my plan I am clueless on what to do. My heart started to race and I panicked. Next thing I knew Becky was pulling in the driveway and already out of her car. I still hadn’t made it the whole way to the other side of the house; I threw Sam over my shoulders and I began to run, I could hear Becky in the distance screaming out for Sam, hollering “somebody call 911 there’s blood everywhere, Sam is gone.” I only got so far before I had to put Sam down and drag her the rest of the way. This was probably the fastest I had made it to my house, I threw her back over my shoulder and walked into my house, flopping her onto the bed. I began to tie her down, her pulse was slowing down, I stitched the gash in the back of her head and bandaged it up, after that I shoved a sleeping pill down her throat to make sure she doesn’t wake up anytime soon.

4 hours go by and she is still out cold. Becky had to have seen me. I screwed up.  I have to go back and get her too. I began to walk out of my house, taking one last glance back at her lying there all 4 limbs strapped to the bed the tightest they can be. I shut the door and hurry out running down the paths holding one hand on my side so my gun doesn’t slip. What seemed like forever passes by, and I show up at their house. She had been home and in her own room prancing. Their parents were down at the station giving the police their statements on Sam. 

I could see Becky in the window pacing back and forth, I came to the back side of her house and opened the back door. Once I made it to the top of the stairs I heard the shower running and Becky sobbing. It’s now or never I said to myself, I opened the bathroom door and Becky shot her head back looking at me. She pulled out a knife she had stashed in the sink drawer and stabbed my arm when I was reaching out to grab her. I began chasing her down the stairs, finally mid way down the stairs, I kicked her in the back of her head and she rolled down the stairs landing face down I could see the gash in her cheek from where she had busted it off the railing, I ran down to her and picked her up over my shoulder, throwing her into the wall, with all the force I had caused her to bash her head during the impact. She slid down the wall, looking up at me. 

“Why are you doing this? What did I do?” she cried out.

“You’ve left me with no choice, but this is how your story is going to end.”

I slowly pulled the gun out from the right pocket, pushed her to the floor holding the gun to her head, I made her strip. I then forced myself into her pushing all my weight onto her. She laid there speechless. I grabbed her face making her look me in my eyes while I continued on.

A couple minutes go by and I get myself off of her. She didn’t move, she didn’t try to scream. I stood up, towering over her, I cocked the gun back and shot her left leg just to be sure she didn’t try to run once I brought her home. 

I soon finally had both girls in my house. Sam still laid unconscious, I layed Becky right next to her and strapped her down. Sam began mumbling. I got closer to her she opened her eyes and tried to scream. I started running my hands through her soft, thin hair.

“You’re so beautiful I swear, so glad you’re all mine now.” 

Becky turned over and began looking at me, tears in her eyes she didn’t move. She didn’t even try to scream.  “Oh my miss Becky, finally awake?” I grinned 

“Screw you, bastard” she said with fear in her eyes.

“Now now, is that how you should talk to me? I suggest you be nice to me or I’ll make sure you regret it.” I said as I began moving closer around the bed to her side. 

“I’ll be back. I’ll start dinner.” I said with an earnest grin.

I started to walk away when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in the back of my shoulder. I turned around and Becky had broken a piece of metal off the bed.

“Becky now that wasn’t very nice” I said with a loud tone in my voice as I moved towards her.

“Let us go!” she screamed and tried running for the door, I grabbed my knife, pinned her up against the wall and dug the knife so far into her chest it left a mark on the wall once she hit the ground 

“Should’ve listened to me” I laughed.

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