To My Aunt, From Virginia Burns

Dear Aunt Lori,

Remember when you took me to a football game at WVU? It was the first football game I’d ever been to, aside from one at the high school. (And to be fair, I didn’t watch much of that game, I just messed around with my friend.)

We saw some people renting out bleacher seats, and you got one for me, even though you didn’t get one for yourself. The seating was color-coordinated, and you let me borrow a gold shirt, too. Then you bought me nachos.

It wasn’t the warmest day, but we dealt. I think I wore my green jacket over my shirt, which was over another shirt anyway. I remember having some kind of candy in my pocket. (Knowing me, it was probably Skittles.)

The game was long, but I can’t remember feeling bored at any part, even though I wasn’t a sports fan. I was awkward when people stood up and cheered, but you didn’t seem to mind.

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to have that experience. It was one that was new for me, and I enjoyed it. Hopefully someday I’ll go to another one.



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