To My Best Friend. From Alexis Barker.


Dear Alyssa,

Do you remember the song “Find out who your friends are?” Well you are the definition of that song. We have been through many ups and downs. 

Do you remember the time that I had a huge mental breakdown? You got ready as fast as you could and cranked up your car and came to my house. You picked me up and we drove around until I calmed down. You took me back to my house that night and stayed to make sure that I was safe. You truly are a blessing from God. Without you here with me, I couldn’t tell you where my life would be.

From all the times of us arguing to the times when we helped each other, you have always been there for me. A few summers ago, someone that I thought was my best friend stabbed me in the back for the third and final time. You helped me get through it all and helped me find out what a true best friend was because she definitely was not one. You never took her side over mine and you texted her and told her to back off. With all of the lies she told, you have been the only one that hasn’t lied to me and the only one that knows what a true best friend is.

Thank you for taking me to Ocean City with you even though you knew I was gonna be homesick. You make me feel welcome in your family and I hope you feel welcomed in mine; granted, you call my mom and dad, “mom and dad”. From the late nights out, to sleeping in until noon, I wouldn’t want to trade any of the memories. Happy birthday, I love you so much. I can’t believe that you are already seventeen. It’s crazy to think that we met in spanish class, when I thought you were popular and we would never get along. Two years later, we are closer than I have ever imagined. Thank you for everything.

SInce I got my license taken, you have picked me up, taken me where I need to go, and dropped me off. You are my taxi now and I am grateful. When I get it back I can finally do all the driving instead of you doing it all. I love you to the moon and back, Alyssa Kay! Have a great birthday!!!

With love, Alexis

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