To My First Love. From: Brandy Capps

       Many people say people go through relationships and try to say things will be okay. Being with you as long as I was, I knew what was wrong with you by hearing your voice. That was another kind of love for someone. You stood beside my side during the darkest moments in life. From the time you meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, to it becoming a routine to show up and eat family dinner with her and her parents. The messages back and forth turning into long nights on the phone, talking about the most random things. The future that is held in the palm of your hands swaps for a bit. Each complication you face with the person you’ve been spending the most time with turns into a stronger bond that will never shatter. It makes that person inseparable with the other. That’s how you make me feel. Two stones grazing across the water gliding as one.  When time passes by, it brings a special moment to be able to see what two young souls dedicate for one another. You were there for my first driving experience, which made me very nervous. There’s always a first for new relationships and experiences but it felt like it was a lifetime experience. You showed me to love life even if it isn’t fair all the time. At the same time, eventually every rough patch builds up over time, which causes conflict. You chose to build a relationship out of love, but was it really? Well, you were my person from day one. Every relationship deals with inconvenient timing You and I were inseparable with everything that we both dealt with through the past year and a half together. The thoughts go through my head that maybe I wasn’t good enough for just maybe if I had changed for you things would go back to normal. That’s not it though. We both loved each other so much and maybe too much. Putting two and two together we thought it would be best to take time apart from one another and weeks past. The possibility of you not loving me like you used to is crazy. You were the other half of me. Your eyes are what drew me in when I first saw you. Day by day, the butterflies were so strong, but now faded. While my heart aches for just one last everything is it possible that you will return back into my heart where I wish you were still? Love makes you a completely different person and shows you different aspects of life. That’s what made me change from a little girl to a young woman, because of you. Things do happen for a reason and if you come back into my life maybe it was meant to be. Life changes people for better or for worse, but you changed my life in the best way possible. Sometimes I wonder why this has happened. You were great to me. You pushed me to thrive for what my dreams are and to get through almost impossible situations. That’s all I could ever ask for in a person. You changed me, for that, I am forever thankful.


                                                                                                          Brandy Capps

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