To My Pap, From Savannah Fox

Dear Pap,

Remember all the times you took me to the Chinese restaurant right before the sale on Saturdays? All the laughs we shared and how every time me and Brooke tagged along with you, we continued to get the same things? The chicken on a stick, sesame chicken and sometimes we would steal the food off your plate because we didn’t want to try anything new. We’d eat plate after plate, then once we all couldn’t bear eating anymore, you’d scoop me out the cotton candy ice cream in those cute flowerish-looking blue bowls that they had. Then we’d get up, go pay and be on our way to the yard sale.

I remember that every time there was a bird there, I’d beg you to get it for me. Then soon enough, we ended up with so many birds, including that mean yellow one that I just had to get. Those were the best memories I had growing up with Grandma, you, me, and Brooke. You and Grandma taught me to be the person I am today. You raised me to continue pushing even when times get rough; every time I struggled you guys were there to help me with whatever it was, no matter what it was.

When I needed food or clothes on my back, it was you guys who took care of me when my parents struggled, gave me a home, and made me feel absolutely important to the world. You’re such an amazing person, you never showed fear, sadness, or when you felt like giving up. You’ve been so strong through losing Grandma. It’s been tough, but you still wake up everyday, you still kick butt, still work to pay the bills, and still put that smile on your face. You make me so proud Pappy. It is such a blessing that I, of all people get to call you my pap. I love all the side jokes we have, those are the absolute best. When you’d call me and Brooke “Murphy”, “Annie”, or some other random nickname that I still to this day do not know the meaning too. When you and Grandma would bicker back and forth about something so little that was so funny. All I am trying to say is thank you for raising me into the person that I am today, and for being my backbone when I needed you the most; for being the biggest goofball I know, for giving me food on the table and taking care of me when I was sick. That goes to Grandma, too! I know you and Grandma hadn’t planned on taking care of me and Brooke, But I’m sure glad you guys did.

Oh, and Pap, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to still feel hurt, and it’s more than okay to feel weak and to show your emotions. You’ve taken care of me all my life, now it’s mine and Brooke’s turn it’s time to repay that favor.

Love, Savannah.

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