A letter to my Father, From Eric Lethcoe

Dear Dad,

Thank you for always being a mentor for me. Since the divorce, you’ve been there for me and made sure I was always cared for. If anything, the divorce very well may have brought us closer together as father and son. Even though we’re very far apart with distance, you’re always there, you always show that you care, and I can always count on you to give great advice. I only get to see you every other weekend, but whenever I’m down at your house for the weekend you never fail to make it fun. Whether it’s just us watching movies, or we go on a really awesome camping trip, I always have a great time, because any time that I get to spend with you is always worthwhile. You and I share a lot in common, and we always have conversation material when I’m around. You work in law enforcement, so you’re always working crazy hours and you’re constantly dealing with the worst of society. Despite all of this, you always keep a good attitude and you’re always excited to talk to me, whatever the subject. Whenever I’m down at your house, you go out of your way to make it fun, and also be a father figure to me at the same time. I wanted to write you this letter to show my appreciation for everything you do for me, even the little things that I notice, nothing goes unappreciated.

P.S. – The dad jokes never get old.



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