i am here. by: Hailey Hoffman

I sat beside the monster, unafraid of him and the things he may do, pondering how one could hold their own heart. There it was, in the palm of his hand, pulsing, waiting for the monsters next move. “What will you do with it?” He shivered at the question and leaned in towards it, opening his mouth wide, drool on the tips of his teeth. One bite. Two. 

“And how does it taste?” He looked away. Tears flow. 

“Bitter.” He paused. 

“Bitter.” he whispered softly. 

I wrapped my arms around the monster and held him close.

 “I am here now.”

2 thoughts on “i am here. by: Hailey Hoffman

  1. What is the monster holding? I feel as though it is its own heart because it is cold and lonely. A lot of monsters terrify people, but this person isn’t terrified. Which makes me wonder, Is the monster really a person? This monster scares people away and the person who it didn’t scare away was the one that cares about the monster. I wish there was more, but other than that it is really good.


    1. I try and always keep my stories open for interpretation. The story is a microfiction and meant to tell a meaningful story with less words. The monster to me is a person in pain and searching for change in his life. The person in my eyes is the monster’s safe space and is there to reassure the monster is not alone. almost a symbol of help, life, and change. Your comments are always so well thought out. Thank you for all of your feedback !


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