Goodnight My Prince By: Brandy Capps

The ripples of the water crashed into the bank, hypnotize me. Summer sun and warmth caressed my skin, covered in sun tans and ripped jean shorts. Riding the back roads, while listening to country songs. That summer day, I met a boy, not just any boy though. He was the kind of guy that I couldn’t have. He had luscious hair and pretty brown eyes that glistened in the sun. I watched as he slowly took his stuff into his new house next to mine. His window was right across from mine. Super weird, huh? I had glasses, weird clothes, and no friends which meant I had no chance with such a dreamy guy. 

The day after he moved in, I went to the coffee shop on my bike to get some iced coffee. I heard the bells jingle from the door being opened. I lifted my head straight up, and there he was. My heart was racing so abruptly. He walked past me to get his order taken to get his drink. I shoved my head down into my book that I was reading. Jess walked in and sat alongside me and said “why are you acting like this Becca?” Jess is completely opposite from me. She isn’t afraid to be herself. She’s been my friend since the fourth grade. Seven years later and she’s still the same old Jess.  While I covered my red cheeks, Jess tried to get this boy’s attention. He glanced over and walked toward our booth. He gave that type of flirty grin. 

“Hey, I’m Jess and this is my friend Becca. I saw that you were new and just thought we should introduce ourselves, so you at least know someone from here.“ 

He replied “Thank you! Yeah, I just moved here with my mom. Oh yeah, by the way I’m John,”

“Well, if you ever need a tour, Becca knows this town more than anyone,” said Jess.

John replied, “I’ll just have to take that offer if she’s willing.”

I looked up and nodded my head shaking historically, while I hold the pages down in my book. My rosy cheeks gave it all away. He gave me that smirky face. But I knew damn well that he was just being nice because he doesn’t know anyone here. 

A few days went by after the coffee shop, I sat on my bed and I glanced over at his window, surprised by a large note in his window that read, “When are we going on that date?” 

My stomach dropped to the floor. This cute boy actually wants to hangout. That’s unbelievable. I’m nothing special, especially when he’s such a dreamy guy. I wrote him back on my window replying “When are you free?” 

The night became later and later. I was wondering if he was going to look at it, but then I saw a girl pull up into his driveway, and watched as he hugged her. He had to be playing me. I got Jess to come over and talk to me about this. When she gets here, she has all of her makeup and sets of clothes. “This is what you need Bec,” said Jess. 

She began to decorate my face with makeup, curl my blonde hair, and give me the cutest yellow sundress to wear. Not going to toot my own horn, but that day I felt so beautiful!

Jess and I decided to go to this special place I found at this lake. We started to walk outside. 

“Wait” Jess says. “We forgot our bathing suits” 

We went back inside so she could put her bathing suit on under her clothes. I wasn’t really in the mood to go swimming, so I told her.  Back out the door we go. I looked up to his window. He looked back at me and walked away from the window. We arrived at the special spot, and she jumped right into the water! I lay on the dock and splash my feet around. Making a big ruckus before the sun begins to set. Jess then got a text message saying she needed to get home, so she got out and told me that she had to go. I told her that I was just going to sit there a bit longer. I heard a branch crack right behind me. Someone comes out from behind a tree. 

“It’s John” he says.

“I really don’t want to talk to you right now.” I said

“Can you please let me explain myself? It wasn’t what it looked like.” Jon said.

“Then what was it?” I said.

“That was my older sister. I never said anything about her because she never usually comes around. She just wanted to make sure mom and I were settling down in the new house ok.”

“I, I, I’m sorry” I stuttered.

“It’s okay” John says.

He sat down next to me while we watched the sun go down and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in close to him. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach fluttering. Wondering if he’ll kiss me. It was the perfect moment. The sun touching the horizon in front of us. He slowly turned to me and looked me dead in the eyes. Giving me that smile with his perfect white teeth.

I say “do you act like this with all the girls?”

He lets out a little giggle.

“No, just the one that deserves it.” he said.

He leaned in close to me. I closed my eyes. The moment that I’ve been dreaming about. He was so comfortable. He pressed his lips against mine. His soft pink lips against me. He lifted his head away from mine and smiled yet again. I was speechless. Completely and utterly speechless. He held me tighter than before. It felt like a fairy tale. 

Goodnight my prince. Until next time.

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