Find Out Then Forget By John Stohl

In a small house in Emeryville, California lived Noah Gardner and his single mom. Drugs and gang violence is a big thing in their town. Noah was in twelfth grade and was a typical kid that grew up around there. He had a best friend named Greg and they both were kind of shy and didn’t like to talk to or meet new people. They weren’t very popular, they weren’t good at sports. So they were always bored because they never got invited to anything or had anyone to hangout with besides each other. They got into drugs when they were both young. Then they started making drugs about two years ago. They started making the drugs out of boredom and the need for extra money. It was going well and they were making good money and having fun with it until the day they just got done creating a new hallucination drug and decided to test it out on themselves.

The purpose of the drug they were creating was intended to show you the future of your life. They quickly found out that they messed up when they both took the drug at the same time. They were sitting in there kitchen where they cook their drugs. They looked at each other, grabbed a bottle of water and said “Here we go!”. They both swallowed the pill then waited, about forty minutes after. Their eyes slowly shut and when they were finally in a deep sleep, the hallucinations started. 

They were going in to this thinking they were going to learn their futures in their modern day lives, but boy were they wrong. It all started off with a bright light, like in the movies when someone wakes up and they are in heaven or just woken up from a coma or something. They both started off the same but they were completely different.  

I will first tell you about Noah’s hallucination, It started off with how he was going to die. It told him that he is going to die from an overdose on a drug that his best friend laced with fentanyl. So yeah that sucks but the worst hasn’t even come yet. After he died in his dream he thought he would just wake up but that is not how this drug worked. He went to his “after life” as some people would say. He found out that he will be spending the rest of his afterlife in hell.

It started off like he was a little kid and he was just restarting his life. He lived his normal life but everything that could go wrong, did. Both of his parents died at a young age in a car accident. His house caught on fire when he was a teenager and his two dogs and one cat didn’t make it out. It told him the reason Greg laced the drug to kill him. The devil told him that the reason was because he knew he already did too much to get himself out of going to hell, that he sent his friend to just kill him now.

So from everything that he learned, He realized that he needs to change his ways in life and find some new people to hangout with if he doesn’t want to end of being stuck in hell for the rest of time. Now we can go into what Greg’s hallucination looked like.  His started completely different, he started off in a big white room as soon as his started. But again it told him about how he was going to die, He fell asleep when he was very old and he just passed away in his sleep and didn’t feel a thing. He was talking to God about what was going to happen to him after he died and he said he was going to let him go easy and said he was on the right track to live with him in heaven. Then he told him he has to change his ways if he wants to get here because he sees something bad is going to happen in the next couple years. He told Greg that he can see Greg killing his best friend when he messed up counting the money which was an honest mistake. Greg asked Noah for his pay for the week and he didn’t give him the right amount of money he later found out. So instead of Greg asking Noah about it, he decides to take it upon himself and lace one of the new drugs they were getting ready to try on themselves. He laced it with a different drug called fentanyl, it is a drug that will kill you right away no matter what. 

God was then talking about the good that will happen to Greg if he got away from Noah or just didn’t kill him. He said that he would make it to heaven and meet the woman of his dreams. Greg was kind of a nerdy guy so he really didn’t get any girls in his modern day life so that made him so happy. Greg thought he learned everything he needed to know about his next life so he told god to send him back down and that is exactly what he did.

When Greg got back down to real life, Noah was already there waiting for him in his right mind. First thing Noah said to Greg was “ What did you feel or do?”

Greg didn’t have any idea what to say back so he just said “ I forget, how about you?”

Noah responded with a confused look on his face “ Yeah, I don’t either.”

They started looking and doing tests on the drug they made and realized that they put an ingredient in the drug that makes you forget whatever you see while you are on it. 

So, Noah ended up getting killed by Greg in the next four years and going straight to hell, and Greg ended up going to hell as well because the devil forced him to kill himself not long after he killed Noah. 

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