Strangled in Lies By Brandy Capps

Four by four room. Medical equipment surrounding me from one end of the room to the other. The lights began to fade quickly, while I felt my body shutting down. The feeling every time the numbing of my body becomes bigger and bigger. Almost every two days in the hospital. I’m scared. I’m only 15, I don’t want to die. My life can’t be over this soon.

       I’ve been trapped in this house for too long. It’s been three years since I’ve found out that i’m sick. I’m in prison basically. I mean they have it better than me at this point. I can’t go outside because the bacteria might cause me to have another seizure that’s deadly. At this point I’m going to be completely done and waste my life away. Being 18 years old moving from place to place isn’t the perfect life. Only thoughts and social media is killing me from the inside out. The only thing that I love anymore is painting. Today was moving day like any other six months it’s the same. This time it’s different my mom keeps saying every move. We arrive at our destination its in the middle of nowhere. I debated with myself whether it’s a good or bad decision to be living here. The sun rises and sets but it’s always the same. I begin to conceive a plan to go outside to atleast paint the sunset before I die in my house. Grabbing all my essentials, I walk outside. Ilay a blanket across the softened grass that corsest the blanket. So many pastel colors to choose from. The sunset that day was out of the ordinary. It felt so different. Maybe because I was outside for the first time in forever. Halfway done with the most amazing painting I’ve done and then I felt it. The strongly sensation start from my toes and worked its way up. I yell as loud as I could “ Mom, help help”. I couldn’t hear anything and things began to fade in and out. Right before I had passed out I see him above me. 

“Stay awake! I’m going to take you to the hospital” 

His honey golden brown eyes above as it slowly became a blank space. 

It was brighter than anything when I awoke in the hospital bed. I glance around the room and my eyes catch this boy again my bed sound asleep. As I worry about what my mom is going to say the doctor walks into the room. When he walks in the boy that brought me to the hospital woke up.

“Hello Ms.cooper. How are you feeling?” the doctor begins to reply.

I whisper to him softly “ Is it getting worse” I say to him.

“What do you mean?” The  doctor gives a weird look towards me.

“I’m sick. I’ve been sick for 3 years now. Did anything come back on the x-rays? Am I cured?” I say to the doctor shocked.

“Let me run some more tests and we’ll see what is going on here” he replies.

Thirty minutes go by and he still hasn’t come back in. Then the following hour he makes his way back in but this time he isn’t alone. You know when someone has a major problem when you can see it on their face. It’s that worried look. Right before he begins to open his mouth the door begins to creep open. 

“Hello, pumpkin are you in here?” my mom splurges out.”My name is Trina, I’m Becca’s mom”.

She walks in the room and the doctor gives her the dirtiest look. But why though? She hasn’t done anything wrong. The doctor replies to my mother and I that I’ve been poisoned. Poisoned? I reply with a dazed and confused look on my face. 

“Yes, it seems like you’ve been being poisoned with antidepressants. Too much will cause you to have seizures.” he said. 

How is that possible though? I try to explain to the doctor that my mom is the one that gives me my medicine but, my mom interrupted me before I could say more than three words.

“Yeah I think she’s been taking too much of her medicine. She’s eighteen I didn’t think I had to watch her take it. I’m sorry it’s my fault for not watching her the way I should’ve.” my mom says to the doctor. 

“Well, when you get home make sure she takes the right amount so this doesn’t happen again.” he replies to my mom.

My mom said “We sure will watch how much she takes every time.”

She walks out with the doctor to get the paperwork together etc. The boy looks over at me confused. I don’t know what to do I tell him. My mom gives me my medicine I’m not allowed to touch it, she says. How am I gonna stop her?  I burst into tears in front of this boy. He sits on the bed beside me holding me. 

“Everything is going to be okay. I’m not going anywhere” he says to me. 

At that point I felt so much better for the simple fact that I have someone by my side to talk about this. He picked me up and put the blanket around me and he slowly opened the door. He peeked his head out the door and he carried me to his car. He buckled me in because I still couldn’t grip things the best yet. He begins to drive off and he takes me to his house. Still carrying me everywhere. He takes me upstairs to his room. I lay across his bed and try to stay awake but I fall asleep. The day became dark and the light from the sun fades. I opened my eyes to his arm wrapped around me, holding me tightly. It was the best part in the horrible situation. This cute boy that actually cares. I don’t want to move because I didn’t want to wake him up. Laying in his arms wondering why my mom would put me through this pain. Why would she poison her own daughter? There were flashing red and blue lights lit up outside. I wake this boy up and say look outside. Why are there so many cops outside? 

He said “they’re at your house Becca.”

We walk outside and there stands police cars everywhere. I see my mom crying. 

“Where is my baby?” she said.

Mom I’m right here but I’m done with your sneaky games. I’m moving out. 

She says “Don’t leave me here alone. I need you with me. You can’t handle this harsh world alone. “ 

“Well too bad mom you can’t stop me.” I told her straight up.

“If I can’t have you than no one can have you.” she said.

She reaches in her back for something and starts to walk towards me. That boy that’s been taking care of me sees her walking toward me. She pulls out a gun. While the bullet is circulating through the air, he jumps in front of me. He tumbles to the ground lyng against me. 

“Stay conscious, medics are on the way” whispering in his ear.

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