Elizabeth Warren Dead at 70.

Corbin Ryan – WriteMC Times

Elizabeth Warren was going for a walk on the B&O Railroad with some fellow politicians when disaster struck.

Clyde Swanson, 47, Was taking his train for a ride on his weekly route, when he saw some people on the tracks, “I took a turn roughly a mile out from them, and I hit my horn, but they didn’t even react. Now, I know who it was I honestly don’t feel that bad anymore!” he said with a smile on his face. “You know that our country is going to be hurt severely by this right?” I asked him but he gave me this response while playing with the suspenders on his overalls. “Hurt! Nah, i did our country a favor. Trump Train! Trump Train! Trump Tra.” He went on like this for several minutes, but I will spare you that pain. 

“This man is a murderer and he should be put in jail! He killed Elizabeth, she was about to change the world!” Joe Biden exclaimed. 

The only eye witness willing to talk with us today was one of Warren’s close childhood friends, “You want the truth! That Hillbilly with the train all decorated with Trump’s face and the confederate flags and all that type of stuff, did not blow his horn. He told you all and the police he did, but we heard nothing.”

Clyde Swanson’s trial will be held at the Washington DC Administration office, on the 27th of January 2020.

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