Part of Berkeley Springs High School Collapses Due to Lack of Maintenance and Fat Children.

Alyssa Wagner – WriteMC Times

On january 6, 2020 at 10:26 in the morning, one of the four main buildings related to Berkeley Springs High School shifted and abruptly collapsed, killing several hundreds of students and staff members. Among those, was beloved Alyssa Wagner, who is believed to be the best person in the school. 

We arrived on the scene as Expert safety inspector, Robert Dugan pointed to the pile of rubble and dead bodies and said, “Well, there’s your problem.” Dugan says the cause was 100% a combination of a lack of maintenance, and heavy students on the 2nd floor. As the floor caved in, a support beam connected to the roof snapped in half and fell, causing the building to completely crumble in a matter of minutes. 

Parents of healthy children are angry with the parents of fat children, saying the fat kids caused the healthy kids to die. But the parents of fat children say it is the schools job to make the building strong enough to hold their children. One of the very angry parents had questions for both Dugan and the school officials. They want to know where the school stands in this mess. Dugan simply says, “it doesn’t.” 

Parents have taken it into their own hands and have suggested a segregation of skinny and large, in hopes something similar doesn’t happen again. Officials have confirmed they are considering keeping the heavier students on the bottom floor and skinny on the top. They have also stated they are considering extra exercise classes for those who are a little more on the plump side of the spectrum, in hopes of fixing this dilemma. 

This story and awful tragedy is still underway as we identify students and speak to experts about just exactly why this event occurred. Updates will be posted as we learn more about the situation and as we identify the fat kids who broke our school.

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