The Good Times Never Last Long: Viola Davis Arrested for ‘Accidental’ Murder.

Chloe Riggs – WriteMC Times

On January 23, Viola Davis, the star of How to Get Away With Murder, was arrested in her home in Los Angeles for murdering her fellow co-star, Liza Weil. The two friends met in a park, near Davis’ house, to catch up on the years they were apart. Everything was going well as the two actresses sat on a bench talking, but reminiscing of the good times did not last very long. 

When interviewed, a passerby in the park said, “they were laughing to a million inside jokes they seemed to share. They seemed like they had that friendship that everyone is jealous of.” However, evidence says otherwise as Davis had literally stabbed Weil in the back later that evening. 

After sharing an afternoon in the park, both women decided to go back to Davis’ for the rest of the evening. What happened inside was unclear, until a scream was heard by one of the neighbors. To one of the cops on the case, the neighbor reported, “I am not quite sure as to what happened. I was in my home reading when I heard a scream. It nearly caused me to drop my book from the shock.” 

Detectives say the scream rang out after the murder occurred as Weils was not the one who echoed her fear. Instead, Davis claims to have been the one who screamed after realizing what she did. After ambulances showed up, Davis was seen escaping her holds from the cops. The picture to the right was taken of Davis saying goodbye to the friend she stabbed in the back. The EMT reported that “[Davis] was crying hysterically and acting like a mad woman as [they] took her friend away.” After Weils was carried into the ambulance, Davis was taken back into the custody of the police. 

When interrogated, Davis said, “[they] were roleplaying a scene that was hard to believe could ever happen.” According to her, she did not intentionally kill her friend; instead she “tripped on the carpet and the knife flung out of her hands.” In retaliation, the detective on the case said, “If [he] were to believe the ‘tripped on the carpet’ excuse, [he] would have to release a bunch of criminals [he] locked up.”

As a result, Davis has been charged with third degree murder and is sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of Liza Weil. The detective closed the case with the words, “Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks TV shows aren’t realistic.”

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