YOU by Alexis Barker

(A fan fiction based on the television show YOU).

Long tan legs curled up with your tan fingers turning the pages to “Before We Were Yours”. Very good pick, but also interesting. You were sitting in your pool chair beside the pool. You had a baby blue cardigan wrapped around you. You sat by yourself and you were married because I saw your ring on your left ring finger. You have children because you have floaties and pool toys. The book you are reading is an interesting choice. Historical and Domestic Fiction. The book itself is based off of a true story about a family torn apart by a shocking betrayal. You seem quite interested kinda like it happened to you, or someone you know. 

I am new to the neighborhood. I left my old life behind back in New York. I moved and tried to start a new life in California. I met Love, my wife and we started a family. I’ve done a lot of criminalizing acts that I would spend the rest of my life in prison. She pulled me out of the dark hole I was in but little did I know but she would bring me back from my past and would keep me there. 

Watching you through the hole in the fence in my backyard, felt like I was back with Beck. She loved to read and wanted to be noticed. You want to be noticed too. You read historical fiction, you wear loose flowy clothes, and you have a big diamond ring that shines with any light. 

“Joe, can you come here and help me unbox some of these boxes?” Love asked with a sweet tone in her voice standing at the doorway. 

“I’ll be right there.” I responded back.

She’s going to catch on and know and see what I’m doing. I’ve done this with everyone. I was with Candance then she moved and I got with Beck. I then killed Beck and moved to California and met Love. I can’t kill her because she got rid of Delilah, and she is pregnant with my child. My first child to be exact. I can’t be stupid. I have to do good from here on out. 

Unboxing the boxes was not fun, I mean why would it be? You have to make a mess to clean a mess just to redecorate and put everything where you want it. We started out with the kitchen boxes and moved on until I got a phone call to go into work and open. Ever since Forty died I became the man of the business. We kissed and I left. Back in New York I was a manager at Mooney’s bookstore. Didn’t take very long to understand everything. A grocery store with a deli and a little book store was a little more difficult. 

Unlocking the door brought back the memories of Forty trying to kill me. I don’t like it here but their parents passed it over to me. When you turn the lights on you can still see where his body laid and where his blood spread too. I invested in a rug and laid it over the spot. We tried to clean it the best we could but blood soaks fast and doesn’t clean up the best. 

The doorbell rang. I looked up and there you are, my new neighbor. You’re tall, long tan legs, dark brown hair and light hazel eyes. You put on a pair of ripped light blue jean shorts and a white loose tank top with your sky blue cargain. Scanning the peaches tells me you’re sweet and what you’re wearing tells me that you like to dress nice but also don’t like to be hot. You wear flowy clothes to catch the breeze. I do the register so you don’t notice that I’m watching you. 

“Hey” a soft sweet voice said walking up to me. I look up and it’s you.

“Hello, I hope you found everything fine today. Is this everything for ya ma’am?” I said back to her.

“Yessir, it is. My name is Brooklyn, and I see you’re Joe based on what your name tag says.  You’re observant as well.

“Yes that is correct my name is Joe.” 

You handed me your money to pay for your peaches. Your hands are soft and warm. Your ring is worth about 27,000 dollars so you have money. The book you were reading is in your bag. 

“I’m sorry I can’t help but notice your book. It’s an original, Lisa Wingate is a very talented writer. I always enjoy reading her work.” I said looking at her bag.

“It’s amazing so far have you read it? It’s nice to know someone else who enjoys her work as much as I do. If you haven’t read it yet I’ll let you read it after me if you are interested.” She said with her soft hazel eyes looking into mine. 

“I would love to read it after you. You now know where to find me.” With a half smile. 

You turned around and began walking out the door. Your hair moved with the wind as the door was opening. You left a perfume trail as you left. Vanilla mixed with cinnamon. It’s a comfort smell and you, my queen can pull it off. 

The day turned into night and all that was on my mind was you Brooklyn. I miss you, but I shouldn’t. I can’t. I have a wife and a baby on the way, why did you have to come here? I got home to my wife and remembered how much I wolf her. I could never leave you nor would I ever want to. You have my heart, you’re crazy but you’re my crazy. 

A couple of days go by and I haven’t thought of you. Life is good. We are all settled in. It’s perfect. I go to open the store, and there you are waiting.

I finished the book and now it’s your turn to endure the pain and heartache that goes along with the book.” 

“Thank you.” I said trying to find the key to unlock the door.

You make me nervous when you stand next to me. I dropped the keys all because of you. It’s hard not to be attracted to someone as sophisticated as you. You make me want to push up against this door and please you more than what your husband could ever. But I can not, I am married. Thank you for making this so hard. 

After she handed me the book and bought her weekley peaches. When she left I was left alone. I sat behind the counter and began to read the book. The doorbell rang when I started on the third chapter. 

“Beck?” I said confusingly looking.  

“Hi Joe.” she said back with her kind warming voice.

“No, you’re not actually here I killed you.” This is my mind playing games with me again.

You stepped closer to the counter.

“You thought that you actually killed me? That’s hilarious. No you only knocked me unconscious.”

“How did you find me all the way out here?” 

“Your girlfriend or wife whoever she is posted you on her facebook page thanking you for taking over her family business. It wasn’t very hard. Plus I like to party remember?” 

Oh  I remember. 

“What do you want from me anyways?” Have you told anyone that I Joe Goldburg tried to strangle you to death? 

“I love you Joe, and I understand that you’re crazy but I love you.” 

“You can’t be here Beck, I have a family. I got over you.” I really haven’t have I?

“No Joe you still love me. You can’t keep denying your love for me.” 

I stood there speechless. How could I have missed this? I’m always careful. I plan it out precisely without a mistake. What can I do with her now? I can’t take her home with me and I definitely can’t leave her here at the store.

“Here” I handed her a fifty dollar bill. “It’s going to cover your hotel cost and buy you some food.” 

“Thank you. Just know I came for you. It’s always going to be you. You got rid of Benji for me, he was someone that I didn’t need in my life. You bring out the good in me.” 

She walked out without giving me a chance to talk. She knows me well enough to know that I’m going to keep thinking. That’s why you walked out without giving me a chance to talk. You’re gorgeous Beck. 

I got home and Love asked how my day was. Of course I can’t tell her about how I saw Beck today and how she is still ALIVE. 

“It was good. We had normal customers, but we sold a lot of chicken wraps from the deli.”

“Yay that’s great! With me staying at home I have the pleasure to come up with new recipes and I’m glad to see that everyone likes them.” She responded back with excitement. 

“Well I’m going to take a shower it’s been a long day.” I said taking off my jacket and shoes. 

How am I going to tell her that I saw Beck? You’re all I’m thinking about. I have to see you again but I shouldn’t. 

“Hey, I’m running into town I have to pick up a few things.” I told Love when I got dressed.

I headed to the hotel that Beck was staying at. 

The Stormside Hotel. You’re in room 325. I stepped in the elevator with you on my mind. Elevator music was playing to cover up the creaking sound coming from the cables. 

Finally, the doors open and I walk into the hallway.I reach door 325 and knock. You open the door quietly as if you didn’t want anyone to know it was me. You’re wearing a silky blush sleeping dress. Thank you for inviting me over

“Wow, just wow.” I said shockingly.

“Thank you.” She said back. You push your hair back behind your ear and bite your lip. Your room is a warm 72 I would suspect.

“Come in, please let’s catch up.”

I walked in and all of your clothes were thrown all over the room. A few shirts were hanging off of the lamp beside the bed. You still had the bathtub full of bubbly water. You were always such a mess which is why I couldn’t leave you until I had too.

“Sorry I didn’t clean up before you came. I didn’t expect you and I couldn’t find my underwear so I had to search.”

“No, no you’re fine don’t worry about it I’m not judging.” I would never judge you Beck. I love you.

“This is going to sound really bad but I love you Beck. I always have and I always will. I loved you even when I thought you were dead. I moved all the way out here so I could start a new life and forget my old one but I just can’t forget about you.”

“It’s okay Joe, I love you too. I thought I would come out here and see you because emailing you just isn’t right. I thought it would be best for you to see me in person, and not “dead”.” 

I walked toward her and picked her up. Your legs are soft and freshly shaved like you knew I was coming. Your hair smelled like lavender. Thank you for coming back. I’ve missed you oh so much Beck. I threw you onto the bed and as you wrapped your legs around me the doorbell rang. You have got to be kidding me. I haven’t seen you in so long and as soon as we get going you have a visitor. Typical Beck, very typical. 

“Who could that be?” I said with confusion.

“Probably my room service I ordered over an hour ago.” She said with a half laugh. 

I like looking at you Beck. You’re the one for me, not Love but you Beck. You make me happy and not want to kill, unless it is for your own protection. Everything I did back in New York was because I love you. Thank God for not taking you away for me. He even knew that we were meant to be. 

“Sorry about the interruption I forgot I had ordered food.” Beck said as she laid her food on the counter. 

“Oh no you’re fine, we’ll just pick up where we left off.” I said grabbing her by the waist and pulling her in.

“Ring, ring, ring” Ah you have got to be kidding me. First it was room service now I’m getting a phone call. Who can it be? Love of course it is. 

“Hold on I have to take this it’s Love.” I said as walked into the bathroom 

“Hey whats up?”

“How much longer are you going to be? I thought that we could watch a movie or something tonight.” She said.

“I’m on my way home now I’ll see you soon.” 

“I’m sorry Beck but I have to go. I’ll come back tomorrow before I go to the store.”

“It’s fine Joe. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

We kissed goodbye. I got home and Love was standing at the door  waiting for me. 

“Where were you?” Love said with her hands crossed over her pregnant belly

“I was visiting an old friend I haven’t seen in awhile.” I said trying not to choke up.

“Why do you smell like lavender?” She said with a disappointed look on her face.

“I was with Beck. She’s an old friend that came all the way from New York just to see how I was doing.”

“Oh, okay.” she said with a mysterious tone in her voice.

She doesn’t need to know about you Beck. She doesn’t need to know what all I did before her and in order for me to spend the rest of my life with you I have to do something. It has to be unnoticeable and look like an accident. 

“I’m going to go and relax in the bathtub. I’ll be out in half an hour.”

“Okay enjoy.” 

What can I do to get rid of you? I mean you killed Deliha for no reason. She wasn’t supposed to die Love, I was going to let her out. She has a little sister that has nobody else. You brought this upon yourself Love. You walked into this mess. You’re going to keep me from Beck and I can’t have that. People die in electricuted baths. You need music to relax.

“I brought you in a radio so you can listen to music.” I said opening the door to the bathroom.

“Thank you Joe I appreciate it.” She said falling deeper into the tub. 

“You’re welcome Love, I wolf you.” I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

I plugged in the radio into the wall and turned on the Sky Radio lounge. It began playing classical music. I’m sorry I have to do this to you and our baby Love. 

“Sorry to interrupt you again but I have to pee.” I said as I opened the door. 

“ It’s okay.” Love said as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the music. 

I zipped up my pants and I fell on a puddle of water from Love getting out of the bathtub to use the bathroom. I made sure that I pushed the radio in the tub as I fell. The radio was plugged into the wall when it hit the water. Your eyes grew wide as the electrical currents went through the water and your body. After a couple of minutes the electrical currents stopped and you began to smoke. I waited for you to stop smoking before I touched you to see if you were alive or not. Okay, you can do this. Just reach down and feel if she has a heartbeat or not.                       

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