Zootopia by Sarah Williams

(This story is based off of the movie “Zootopia” by Disney. Related characters, images, and ideas belong to them.)

Mr. And Mrs. Wilde were expecting a baby any day now. They lived in a Den near the edge of the rainforest district. The family already had five pups, and this would be number six. Mr. Wilde was a slick old fox. He stole money, food, and even clothes for his children. Mrs. Wilde was a stay at home mom, who took care of the pups, and did house work. They managed to scrape by with money and food each week, but could still barely do it. 

A few weeks later, Mrs. Wilde had her baby. They called him Nick after his dad since he’s the only boy fox in the family. Nick liked to chase after his sisters, birds, and rabbits to keep away from the Den. He was very crafty and sneaky, just like his father. When Nick turned fifteen his dad was ready to teach him the family business.

“Nick!” Mr. Wilde yelled from inside.

“Yes Pops?” Nick said as he came rushing to the hole of the den. 

“You’re coming with me to the city today, so I can show you what I do everyday when I’m not home, and someday maybe you can continue our tradition,” he said as they started walking down the dirt path. 

“I can’t wait to find out what you do, Pops. My days are boring just sitting at home with the girls and it would be great to have a real job.” Nick says as they continue to walk down the path. 

They walk for a couple miles, catch a bus, then catch a train. Nick looks out the window and sees big, tall buildings. He gasps in amazement of the city.

“We’re almost there, just a few more miles, Nick.” Mr. Wilde says as he nods his head. They get to a tall building and head inside. The lobby is amazing with red carpet, and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. They get in an elevator and head up to the top floor. It’s a dark, black room. Mr. Wilde meets somebody in a black suit with a mask over his face. He hands him a list of some sort and they head back down to the lobby.

“Pop, what’s the list for?” Nick looks at him with a worried look.

Mr. Wilde turns to Nick and says, “Ok son, you have to promise to keep our business a secret or I could lose my job.” Nick nods his head. 

“The family business is stealing and this list of things I have to steal before the day is over.” he says as he shows him the list. 

“Can I help pops? I’m super sneaky and I’ll be quiet.” 

Mr. Wilde sighs and nods his head. 

“Ok, the first thing on the list is to rob the bank across from the old town hall.”

They head there and see cops sitting out front. 

“Well, we’ll have to skip this one for today.” Mr. Wilde says as he walks away. 

“Maybe not Pops, I think we can do it. I’ll distract the cops while you go in.” 

Nick discusses the plan with Mr. Wilde and they both agree. Nick walks up to the cops and distracts them while his dad runs into the bank. Mr. Wide sneaks through the doors to the back of the bank where the safe is. He punches in the code and it opens. He then pulls a potato sack from his pocket and starts filling it up. He heads out the back door of the bank where he meets Nick.

“Nick, I’m so proud of you! Will you be my partner for now, then keep the business going after I pass?”

“Yes Pops of course, anything for the family.”

Five years later

Nick’s dad dies from bullet wounds in the chest from the last heist. His sisters have moved away, and found better jobs and places to live. Nick still lives at home with his mom taking care of her and making money to support her. Today he decides to change all of that. 

“Mom, I can’t live here anymore, I got offered a better job.”

“And what possibly could that be? Because all the well paying jobs are taken around here.” she says as she looks at him, upset.

“If I move to the city, I can have a better job and a better life,” he says as he packs his bags and takes the money he’s saved up.

“No, you can’t move to the city, it’s too dangerous for a little fox like you, Nick.” she says as she starts to cry. 

“I go through dangerous things all the time, I think I can manage. I’ll get a safer job, don’t worry about me. Now bye Mom, I love you and I’ll be back to see you soon.” He closes the door behind him and walks down the dirt path. 

He makes it to the big city, and looks for apartments for rent. He’s walking down a busy street with so many different animals, from a mouse to an elephant. He gets five blocks from the train station and sees an apartment building with one room left. He rushes to the door, and gets  one right then and there. It’s small for an apartment, but it’s okay for now. He walks back outside and notices a bunny cop across the street pulling tickets and parked cars.

“I didn’t know bunnies could be cops.” he says to himself. 

Nick walks over to her. “ I didn’t think cut bunnies like you could be cops.” 

She turns around and looks at him with a mean face. “Anybody can be whatever they want in Zootopia, that’s the reason why I moved here.” 

“So why are you putting parking tickets on parked cars, if you’re a legitimate cop?” he says with a smile on his face. 

“Listen Fox…” as he interupts her. 

“It’s Nick. Nick Wilde,” he smiles. 

“Okay Nick, I’m new, like an intern.” she says as she rolls her eyes. 

“I’m just kidding little bunny, just glad to know the world is in great hands.” as he smiles.

“ Stop calling me bunny! It’s Judy. Judy Hopps. So what’s a fox like you doing in Zootopia?” she says with attitude as they walk down the sidewalk to each parked car.

“Well, my mom lives in the rainforest district and I just wanted to start my own life and get a new job,” Nick says.

“Oh, that’s understandable. So what new job are you looking for?” Judy says curiously.

“I don’t know. Just have a ton of money saved up from my last job, and I’m living off of that for now.” Nick says with a shrug.

“Well Nick, maybe we can talk about this over coffee here in a few hours when I’m on break?” she stops to look at him and smile. 

“That sounds great! Just curious, is that a cop thing, or is that the first thing that came to mind?” Nick starts to chuckle. 

“It’s still morning and coffee is what I need to stay awake all day. Plus, people go out and talk over coffee all the time”. 

They both go out for coffee and Nick ends up quitting his other job to be a detective for Judy. Nick and Judy end up being together and fight crime.

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