COVID-19 by Alexis Barker

“She has been here for a week and still shows no signs of improvement.” A voice said from a distance. 

I am extremely tired and my nose hurts. I cracked my eyes to see a bright light pouring down at me and two people in hazmat suits standing over me.

“Patient 3985 is awake after a week.” Another voice said into a recorder. 

My mouth is dry and hard for me to open. What is going on? I was on my way to Fiji for spring break. I opened my eyes fully and saw that I was in a white room with only one window. One of the hazmat suit people gave me a drink of water and then stepped back. 

“Good morning, we never thought that you would wake up. I know you are wondering where you are or where your parents are. They are at your house and safe.”

“Where am I exactly?” I said with my heart racing. 

“You’re in quarantine.” Responded the one lady. 

“What do you mean?” I said trying to get up.

They rushed over and held me down. 

“On your way to Fiji you contracted a virus that has killed 804 people in the United States. Five people on the same plane as you, they had the Coronavirus. Four of which died over the past week. You have to be in quarantine for about fourteen days. If there is no improvement, we will have to retest you and keep you in quarantine.” The other lady said.

“The only issue is that you are twenty-two. The virus is aimed towards older people and babies. You should not have contracted this disease. We will be running different tests over the next few days.” 

As the women left my room, I started thinking. I left college to go home and leave for Fiji. Nothing on the news stated that we had a virus circling around the world killing people. My parents allowed me to go for spring break. Everything started out fine. I piled my belongings into my car until it was completely full. I got home and my parents had a surprise for me. I’m going to Penn State college to major in Forensic Science. I am the senior class president as of a month ago. They wanted to get me something special for all my success, hence the reason I was going to Fiji. I don’t remember anyone being sick on the plane. They turned us around in Panama and said that they were being directed to go back because they were shutting down airports. After Panama I don’t remember anything.

I rolled over onto my right side and fell asleep. A couple of hours later the two ladies came back in with their hazmat suits on. They gave me some medication and an oxygen mask attached to a long wire with a tank connecting it. In the tank was a new vaccine for this awful virus. It has only been tested on a few people, but none of which survived. Hopefully it works on me. The lady who brought in my cup of medicine also had a journal and a black pen in her hand. She brought it over and set it on my side table.

“It’s a journal for when you feel like writing, you can track your progress or feelings and emotion, or just your daily activities.” 

“Thank you, I appreciate it. Now I can do something everyday other than just lay in this bed staring at the same four walls.” I said with a chuckle. 

The nice ladies left my room, leaving me staring at the journal. It’s all black with “Journal” written in gold. I opened the book and wrote my name. The pen writes like the Mississippi River, smooth. I turn to the first page of my journal and begin to write.

March 20, 2020

Day one of writing in my journal. I have been in quarantine for a month. One of the hazard ladies came in and brought me this journal. I thank her for that because it’s so boring just laying around in the very uncomfortable bed staring at four blank white walls. I don’t remember catching a new virus on my trip, but I did. The Coronavirus attacked my immune system when I was traveling for spring break. They don’t know how I contracted the virus, but they are running tests, taking scans, drawing blood etcetera.

 I have a 103.5 fever. I have hot and cold sweats everyday all day. The medicine is helping with the fever and sweats but not with the virus itself. Until tomorrow. 

The harazed ladies came back in before I fell asleep.

“Seriously? You do this every time I get comfortable!” I said looking at them through the door.

“Sorry Sara you know the drill.” She said with a chuckle. 

“You know, we have talked everyday since I’ve been awake. You’ve seen me naked. What are your names?” I said laughing

They let out a chuckle and stood beside my bed. 

“I am Maria and this is Layla.” 

“Thank you for that clarification, and thank you for my journal Layla. I love it.” I said.

“You’re welcome, now get some sleep. All we are going to do is draw a little blood and push on your abdomen to see if there’s any tenderness. Sleep well, we will see you at 5:00 tomorrow morning.” Layla said drawing blood. 

“Good morning Sara, I think it’s time for you to wake up.” Maria said tapping me on the shoulder. 

I rolled over and opened my eyes to see Maria standing there holding a manilla envelope.

“Any good news?” I said reaching for water.

Mariah looked down and shook her head. She sat on my bedside and grabbed my hand. 

“Here are the blood results from last night. Your abdomen was a little rigid, so we did another blood workup. It turns out you suffer from Asherson’s Syndrome. It comes up quickly without any signs. The Coronavirus attacked your immune system because it’s so weak. We have started you on the medication to help take care of the disease and try to knock out the virus as well.” Maria said. 

“Okay so what you are telling me is that I was healthy, and then I contracted this disease, and then a virus?” I said for clarification.

“Yes. I am sorry I had to tell you so early but it needed to be done so we don’t get sued for giving you new medication without you knowing.” Maria said. 

She left the room. I grabbed my journal. 

March 21, 2020

I just got the biggest news of my life. I am suffering from an autoimmune disease called Asherson’s Disease. When I got on the infected plane, the virus spread and latched onto me. I must’ve wiped my nose or bit off a fingernail. With both the disease and virus, it is killing me faster, which is why I have shown no progress in getting better. They started me on a new medication to help kick out Asherson’s Disease. I’ll update you later. 

Layla came in and started on my medication. She told me that if the medication started to work, then it would clear the virus out.

March 22, 2020

Yesterday wasn’t that big. They continued my medicine. I have been in this room for two and a half weeks. I am ready to get out and see the blue sky and feel the wind on my face. This is actual hell. My arms are bruising from all of the poking and prodding.

March 24, 2020

The last two days haven’t changed from the last time I wrote. The medicine is working. My lungs have gotten stronger. I can breathe without the oxygen tank. They haven’t done any more blood work. 

Layla and Maria came in and sat on both sides of my bed. Each took my hand and began to cry. 

“Hey guys, why are you crying, what’s wrong?” I said sitting up in my bed.

“Oh nothing just the fact that YOU”RE GETTING OUT!!” They both said at the same time. 

“You know it’s not funny to joke to a person who could die if the medicine doesn’t work.” I said looking at them

“That’s the thing Sara, we aren’t lying to you.” Maria said.

“No, the medicine is working, you get out this afternoon.” Layla said.

I got up and gave both of them a big hug.

“Thank you. If you guys weren’t here and looking after me I would probably be dead.” I said squeezing them.

They helped me pack what I had. I grabbed my journal and pen and walked out the door. When I reached the entrance my family was standing there waiting for me. I ran out and hugged them and turned to Layla and Maria. I waved them bye and left.                  

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