COVID-19 by Savannah Fox

Day 1: We were told school would be canceled the next 2 weeks, my head was all over the place wondering what’s going to happen to our prom? Would this affect our graduation? I was scared of the outcome.

A couple of days have gone by. I am still not sure on how I’m feeling about this situation. The teachers are throwing so much work at us at one time. It’s been hard to get everything done. I’ve been struggling really badly. I don’t have Wifi where I am. These due dates are coming up quickly. So many more people are being affected by the CoronaVirus, it’s scary. My mind is like a train stuck on the same track. No new travel paths, just the same rotation over and over. 

Day 2: I have been going to work these last few weeks. Jim Justice has called for a state-wide stay at home shutdown kind of thing. Lots of places have been closing, and everything that is non-essential has shut down. McDonald’s is considered essential. I found out today that I have to file for unemployment. It’s not safe for me to be out due to my medical issues and the way this virus could hurt me if I did get it. I have heard so many rumors that we’re losing our graduation or that it’s being pushed back. That is by far the most scary thing through all this. Did I just work my ass off for 12 years just to have the mailman deliver my diploma? I have been waiting to walk across the stage like never before. Today is when all this started hitting me. My mind is all over the place today. This situation is so overwhelming. I don’t know how to react. But it’s 10 O’clock at night. I’m going to jump onto other assignments now that I’ve finally gotten wifi for the night.

March 29th: I just got my wifi again and couldn’t go out. My mom wouldn’t let me. This assignment is now past due because I didn’t know when I could get wifi again. This is the most stressful thing so far. Trying to get work turned in on time is hard. Today we got our first COVID-19 positive test in Morgan County. My mom officially has us on lock down, and as it gets closer it feels so real. It’s scary, but not something we can’t get through. 

One thought on “COVID-19 by Savannah Fox

  1. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your world! I’m really sorry that you have to go through this! Keep on showing that determined spirit.


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