COVID-19 by Brandy Capps


       COVID 19. The word in general makes you concerned. I’m eighteen. I have to go out of the house and be worried to find things on the grocery list for my mom. She can die if she catches it. Nothing is more important to anyone than your own mother. Instead of being excited for your senior year, you have to worry about having food in your mouth or bringing the virus home after simply going to get necessities. In life, worrying is just another human feeling. You aren’t human if you don’t show emotion. The struggles we face now are just a reminder of how good we normally have it.

        In times like these, we realize what we take for granted in everyday life. Instead of worrying about what brands we have or what new phones are out, it turned into what we need to survive. Maybe after this pandemic we will become one again with what we are thankful for. Here is where we work together and figure out how to build each other up instead of tearing one another down. Is it okay to be worried about this? Of course it’s okay to have anxiety about what might happen in this time of need. People need to know we have each other’s backs and everything will be okay. 

       The world has been through so many catastrophes and we all still got through it. We got through the brush fires in Australia. We got through the Locust plague in Africa. We got through 9/11. Now we are facing another obstacle in life that will change us into better human beings for better or for worse. It’s just the way life is, the way human nature is. 

       There have been so many conspiracies about the coronavirus. So many people wonder how the government will fix it. Quarantining the country is the best option. It will allow us to concentrate on what we’ve been overlooking for way too long. It is driving everyone up the walls. Especially, since the restaurants and most businesses are down as well. Some kids are struggling to have food in their mouths and parents are struggling to get by with being laid off, which is causing arguments and causing the anxiety to step in. The economy is going down hill with this situation. The death rates are going up and the supply needs are increasing. This is a big reason why we all should come together and help each other. 

       For the seniors. It is not selfish to want to have your last everything before you go into the real world because I feel the same exact way. Seniors, we all worked for it! Yes, we are skipping our last day, last prom, and all the fun stuff that comes from being a senior. It’s upsetting that we won’t be able to graduate on time. We counted down the days when senior year started. We are all stressed about wanting to make it back before the school year ends so we can fulfill these exciting lasts. We all need to come together and just be happy that we’re here. I’m thankful for getting the chance to grow up around each and every one of you. I got to see everyone grow into a wonderful person as the years of high school became fewer. I’m thankful for getting the chance to know that my class made it, that my classmates and community are healthy as of now. This is our year, and no one can take that from us. Class of 2020, I’m forever grateful. I thank my community for being so kindhearted and caring. Teachers and staff, I’ll never thank you enough for the support. 

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