Dear Class of 2020 by Alexis Barker

Dear class of 2020,

Some of us came into the world at the wake of terrorism. The twin towers were stuck in New York on September 11, 2001. Most of us were born at the end of ‘01 or in ‘02. We have gone to school for twelve years or even thirteen for some. This is the year we are supposed to graduate. Most states around the United States have shut down for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. We have worked hard the past thirteen years. We worked hard enough to earn our diploma and to move the tassel from the right to the left on our cap. The coronavirus struck us during our last semester of high school- the only class in history not the walk across the stage. We can’t let the coronavirus bring us down. The thought of never sitting in the seat next to my classmates kills me. Who knew that the last time that we were in class together was going to be the very last time. All of the memories we have made through the years will forever be in my mind. Not being able to attend our last dance as a class will hurt forever. When previous classes talk about the last months of high school, we won’t know what they are talking about. We aren’t getting the privilege to attend our last high school dance or the chance to say goodbye to our favorite teachers. High school was over for us without us even knowing it. It was a pleasure growing and learning beside each and every one of you over the years.           

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