Journals from Quarantine

These journal entries were written by 11th grade students. They were assigned

Prompt Option 1: I really think it is unfair that: 

By Alyssa Wagner: You know what? I really think it’s unfair that we have to go through this. As a student who learns through classroom discussion, I wrote a whole paragraph on being upset with my teachers. Then, I deleted it. It isn’t my teachers’ fault that we’re having to learn in a new way, and it’s not my teachers’ fault that we don’t know what to expect or what to do. I think it’s unfair that people are still going out and refusing to stay home out of spite. I think it’s unfair that people are dying and children are suffering in school due to selfish people. I think it’s unfair that, because of those same people, my diabetic/essential worker step father is scared he’ll get sick and die. I think it’s unfair that people who still need to go out are coming in contact with those who don’t. I think it’s unfair for nurses and doctors to have to come to work everyday and put their own families at risk to treat people who could’ve stayed home and avoided the virus. I think it’s unfair that there are people who don’t see this as a big deal. It’s unfair that my father had to quit his job in order to keep his family safe. It’s unfair that people are dying alone in hospitals, unfair that their families have to say goodbye through a phone screen. I think it’s unfair that people can’t hold funerals right now; families aren’t allowed to grieve and heal properly. It’s unfair that something that should’ve brought our country together, didn’t. 

Prompt Option 1: I really think it is unfair that: 

By Dalton Weller: I think it is unfair that doctors or people in the hospital haven’t really gotten any raises for working during this, and they do not have enough safety gear. They put themselves in danger for everyone’s safety. I also don’t think it’s fair that the check given out was based on income when the check could cover some people’s rent. 

It’s also not fair to people in retail or customer service. They get harassed more than ever because their store is out of something that they don’t have control over. It’s actually terrible and great to see how people act when times get rough. Some just treat it like everyone for themselves. Then the others treat everyone really well because they know what everyone is going through a tough time.

Prompt Option 2: I am doing online school now and I feel:  

By Lex Rotella: Now that I’m doing online school, I feel way more relieved and less stressed out about school. When I was in school, I used to dread going to school because I feel like one on one time with the student’s was never really important to the teachers. I felt like most of my teacher’s just handed me work and then I left class feeling hopeless and less confident. I spent more of a time watching youtube videos on my own time trying to learn half the concepts , rather than them teaching me in person. Another major issue that made me most uncomfortable was the mass amount of students per class.  The teachers having so many student’s in one class period made them feel more stressed, and then they didn’t want to deal with the student’s. 

I feel more relieved about online school because I finally have time to take my time on my work and be able to understand the work at my own pace. Staying home and doing work has made me feel more positive and inspired. During my time at home, I’ve finally gotten a chance to start looking into colleges and begin looking into what career field I want to go into after school. The downside with online school is having parents at home who drag on you all day asking if you completed your online assignments. Overall, I’m liking online school, but I still miss actually going to school because it gave me something to do and put me in a different environment.

Prompt Option 2: I am doing online school now and I feel:

By Heather King: I am doing online school now and I feel more relaxed. I get to choose at what pace to go on assignments. My stress level decreases because I know I have time to think. The work seems to come easier, and  there isn’t assignment after assignment. In school it’s work period after period. It really does get to be too much for me. Another opportunity working online gives me is learning new skills for myself. It helps me to better myself academically and it shows by my grades.

I also like how the teachers are here for support. My teachers have taken time out of their day to teach, I miss them very much. I also feel it helps to better myself as a person and a student. This is because, I look back at how much of a difference it is sitting in a class full of people versus being by yourself. For me when I am by myself I get more focused in. The teachers make this easier by setting up things such as zoom meetings. The teachers have done an amazing job explaining assignments that they have assigned. I have grown into so much appreciation for the teachers during this time.

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